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  1. 12 ohhhh sorry sorry Tail I just woke up and logged onto EF on phone and I was laughing at what Penny did and counted in wrong direction
  2. 16 14 good morning :)/> Penny you changed it didnt you ;)/> ha ha and Rose, thats not breaking the rule ^_^/>
  3. ohh very interesting hehe 22 but I'm gonna turn in tonight.. tomorrow we'll have fun counting
  4. 22 Penny, it would have been more fun if jj and Alika were here too wouldn't it?
  5. Udara

    hey I dunno why but chatango doesn't load onto my browser :/

  6. 32 yeah it's too peaceful without them.. but it's more fun when they are here to fight
  7. Udara

    sure thing <3



  8. Udara

    but that's just unfair!! they're being totally b*ch* I mean you were ill for god sake.


    just dun mind them. best of luck x5 <3 do your best!!

  9. x5 you joined us too.. that's great yay ! we're gonna win for the 3rd time in a raw.. 36 Tail you meant 37 rit?
  10. Udara

    Thank you x5 the cat daddy /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" /> do your exams well!!!

  11. ohh... THANK YOU x5 I love it the title totally rocks he's even having exams these days. 39 and we are going down to 0
  12. 41 OMG !! I too just noticed it! I love it too <3333 though you told me about it, I couldn't ask her. whom should I thank for my supper cool title?
  13. hey Tail!! 48 I think jj is fed up counting. she said she wanna start a new game. anyway I'm sure this time also this is gonna go down to 0 without a doubt if we keep up
  14. 52 sure thing Tail. I'll take care of the matters here! I'm gonna be online the whole day.. ( preparing an autopsy log for department)
  15. 54 we are almost back to 50 jj and Alika won't be happy
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