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  1. takes all of it into a plate *if possible* and invites Hana, who threw it despite being hungry, to dig in throws a really mean gnome who messes up everything that he gets to lay his hands on
  2. 35 sorry Tail. and now I'm posting while in a MCQ class :/ btw Rose I really admire your courage to keep the heat up
  3. puts her inside our lecture hall and closes the door withg all the lectures throws a hungry werewolf ! woof woof
  4. 37 ahh we've already won 3 times *or is it 4 times?* yet we are back to counting down from 50.. I was all about having a party for winning. Tail, Night and Penny, we should do something about this!
  5. Udara

    So hows the studying going along? did you manage to get hold of the lectures that I uploaded?


    I'm having trouble with logging onto chatango. :(

  6. okay dear :) I'm at the hospital now. I'll add you once I get back home ^_^




    (I haven't installed FB to my phone. having it on phone is too much of a hassle)

  7. 6 when ever I decide to peak in here, it's not 9 yet
  8. 44 ha ha Rose , now you are doing the treachery right I guess last time you did it wrong didn't you
  9. ha ha you're the first to stalk me ;)


    of course dear, do add me. I'd love to have you in my FB too. but I don't log onto FB much these days. I prefer EF to FB ^_^

  10. yes ^_^




    I'm doing medicine. so how did you get to know? I didn't wanna keep it a secret though...

  11. 46 oh then I totally wanna be the 1st person to post one of those days and be the detective. yay
  12. 48 Penny your idea totally rocks do post it! we'd love to play that game can anybody be a detective there ?
  13. [ha ha XD I can guarantee that you won't be bored but meanwhile could you magically vanish few of the things planed there while you at it ] slices the pineapple and makes a pineapple pie throws a meteoroid
  14. turns those math questions into answers with my magic wand and throws my year planner
  15. puts a pillow into that pillow case and gives it to Tail to sleep [ I was gonna have a party with you, Night and Penny for winning Tow. but since it's night over there I changed my mind ] throws a bucket of worms
  16. Catch her before she hits the ground and takes her home <3 throws a mouse
  17. turns it into atoms and throws a gorilla
  18. ahh I forgot that yeah yeah I know you Tail dear then let me start with this; throws a chocolate [i thought of starting with something sweet]
  19. yummy yay to our team!!! guys I already posted the game, I'll think of another game with team work and stuff [which put us again in the same team of course ]
  20. Guys, We; that is to say Tail, Night and myself came up with this game *******************GAME RULES********************* It's simple. you just have to throw an object, anything that you can lay your hands on (but no very offensive objects please ) And you have to say how you dodged the person above you. eg: [this example was originally given by Night <3] so it can be like: A: Throws a banana. B: Dodges banana by a flyswatter. Throws an octopus. C: Turns it into Takoyaki. Throws a fireball. D: Uses Tail as shield Uses my magical powers to freeze it. **************** ******************
  21. 4 Yahoo!!!! Night that sounds terrifical!!! then Tail I'm gonna add the new game
  22. 7 yeah I always touch the "add reply" twice when I post via phone Tail, then shall I start a new game? I edited an idea of yours and came up with this, How about you throw an object at the person below you? [then it has something violent in it too and when it's the person below you, you don't know whom you are throwing at] oni49
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