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  1. 14 Yay! let get this back to zero again
  2. 15 listener, were you mistaken or you were on our side from the benining?
  3. Happy birth day!!!!



  4. 26 ohh it's really a war going on down here... yay let's fight!! I'm totally into all kinds of fights
  5. 27 Yay!! team hugs and cookies for Penny and listener <3
  6. ohh "writing" ?


    I hope you'll win over all the other unworthy earthlings Tail sama :) Best of luck!!!


    I too got to PR only ch 14 & 15 ^_^

  7. hey Night! how have you been? sorry that I couldn't talk to you sooner. oh and I still coudnt finnd you on FB. but Im sure you'll be able to locate me :)


    as for still busy like hell. these days preparing for college sessions.

  8. Tail, it's been a while :) how have you been? as for me, still busy like hell. ^_^


    hey do you edit Non non Byori? thats great coz I got to PR few chapters from Mel. I started working on it. :D

  9. Udara

    Throw and Dodge

    throws a really wild cat in front of that dog so that it would chase after the cat.. throws a single glass slipper
  10. 40 its been a while and look whats happened here *the onion head with 'just saw a ghost' look* *yeah Im on phone*
  11. Udara

    That's great to hear x5 :) I didn't want to burden you too much with new stuff also. I mean when there's too much to study just before exam you could get uneasy you know.. Do your best on remaining 2 exams <3 oh and I'll come to cb this week end so that we can abuse some of your evil profs ;)

  12. Udara

    Throw and Dodge

    Yay suffocation time over ... I'm back on my computer *well it's obvious* uses that deodorant on my herd of swine once they finish up the evening mud bath before they have their overnight mud therapy session and if they smell better I'm gonna order a stock of them from Tail. *ah I just love these onion heads* throws an ultra small robot tick *it's resistant to all the destructive methods. used alien technology to develop it so need to find some other way to dodge it*
  13. Udara

    Throw and Dodge

    given it was Tail who threw it, *not sure if it's really "just" a snow ball. so I'm gonna hurry and wear a space suit which I carry in my bag pack before it hits me. if it turns out to be actually just a snow ball I'm gonna throw a glasier at Tail *ah its really suffocating that I cant use smilies*
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