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  1. Udara

    Happy birth day lat :D


    Have a great day!!!

  2. *you evil cat daddy!!!* *you should grant the wish of the birth day kid* back to your wish, wish granted but the you're allergic to cat fur due to asthma and gets an acute exacerbation the moment your cat steps inside the house. wish I could read Japanese
  3. Happy belated birth day Neko!!!




    I'm so sorry that I missed it...

  4. Hi ayne :)/> Can I try the test too? I've been thinking of applying for some time now. I just hope that I'll not be adding more to your work load by requesting to try the test. Good luck with the Uni work. Thank you :)/>
  5. you are banned because you are playing this game perfectly right ;)and since we warmly welcome you to EF
  6. you are banned because you used those smiley onion heads, while I can't since I'm on my phone.
  7. Udara

    Throw and Dodge

    cuts it into chips, fries and eats them. yumm throws a prince he he
  8. Wish granted. but the chocolate was too sweet to the point that you had to throw up after eating them. I wish I had an artificial intelligence to talk to in my PC.
  9. ha ha but not for long Neko... Here I'm back on the throne well having more cats is fine with me too *meow*
  10. 2 why don't I ever get to slap *scartches head*
  11. great welcome back dear :)


    I've been wondering what happened to you...

  12. Happy birth day Cheesecake!!!


    have a great day :D

  13. Alika will go down in the history as the queen who ruled for the longest period:3 omg yeah all hail the new queen ! since queen udara was just awaken from a long sleep
  14. I confess that I found my groove back when I got several notifications from forum games thanks to Neko
  15. Udara

    Happy birth day Anne :D

  16. ohh poor you. I was really worried that you didn't come to EF or cb (not that I always go to cb though)


    I'm happy that you are finally here with us :D so WELCOME BACK my dear :) <3



  17. it's been ages Ayu! how have been?


    <3 <3

  18. Udara

    Hi x5ga :)


    I just received your 'hi' from Mel. I've been having a rough time. couldn't log onto EF myself :(


    so how are things at the hospital? having fun with kids? :D

  19. Happy birthday my dear :)

  20. 47 Hooray for ZERO! ha ha!! now I normally count backwards
  21. Udara

    I just sent you the paed lectures :)

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