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  1. Udara

    ha ha I too didn't like cardio much... I still get creeps when I get a pt with chest pain ;) BTW if you need cardiology lectures just let me know okay? :)

  2. ha ha not socializing much? I think I know what you mean... ^_^




    yeah it must have been the server. but I too think your current avatar is nice. keep it :)

  3. Happy birthday SoRa!!! have great day :D

  4. 30 it's gonna be even more unfair ~~
  5. Welcome to EF Yuu :D

  6. my bad dear. you've joined even before me ^_^


    just overlook my ignorance...


    BTW I see you have already uploaded a lovely avatar :) so what was it. was it because the size of the picture was too large?

  7. Udara

    Happy birthday cat daddy :) hope you are having a great time with kids... or have you already finished paed?

  8. Hi welcome to EF Alstro :)




    did you try the tabs under "Edit my profile" ?

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