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  1. Ayukawa, did you talk to the TLer about Grim Peddler? BTW I dun have anything today. I can help up with some PRing :)

  2. Melita, is there any PR projects that I can help up with?

  3. You're welcome dear :) I've helped up Ayukawa with PRing Grim peddler. So what are you working on?

  4. Udara

    Hi (:

    Elle! I'm Udara. I just finished my med school Welcome to EF!! Hope you'll enjoy proofreading
  5. Marissa ! I'm Udara. Welcome to the EF and congratulations on joining the team I love cello too. but can't play But I can play violin (not well though) Great that you love maths I mean you must be good at it I love maths too though I ended up doing medicine. Hope you'll enjoy here at EF oni49
  6. SoOOoo I revealed your evil personality ;) ?!


    Just kidding dear :)




    hey good luck with the PR test!!!

  7. Thanks for welcoming me too :D


    And it's great to hear that you gonna take the same course as me ... welcome to the world of sleepless nights ;) just kidding...




    Good luck with the studies dear :D

  8. Hi! I think it took about 3 or 4 days but yours might take longer... don't be disheartened okay. Melitha seems really busy these days with PR work for Xmas release.


    And best of luck! I hope you'll pass :D

  9. Penny! Welcome to the EF! I'm Udara, a new member myself I really like your intro... It's intimidating Hope you'll enjoy here at EF oni49
  10. Shechan! Welcome to the EF! Well, I'm a new member myself I took biology, physics and chemistry but my favorite were the ones you wanna kick outa your life . Biology was difficult for me as it had so much to memorize unlike physics. Now I'm almost finishing med school. I hope you'll enjoy here at EF oni49
  11. Hi Elisha! Welcome to the EF I'm Udara, a new member myself. And best of luck with the proofreader test if you applied. Reread it at least 3 times before submitting. You can't imagine how many errors I saw in my test when I did it I hope you will have great time here in EF
  12. Hello drillz! I guess I should say welcome back though I was not here when you had your previous account I'm a very new member and happy to have met such a high spirited master like you Ow and dun forget the new password
  13. Get well very very soon TailBreeze <3

  14. Since you love them so much, I'll send a little something for you tonight :D


    See if you like it...

  15. Thanks so much Ayukawa:) do you also love Nanami and Tomoe?

  16. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    [quote name=Bri ' timestamp='1353330619' post='48437] I love Kamisama kiss! It's my favorite manga too :3 Have you been following the anime? Bri! It's so good to hear that you also love KH. Yeah I'm watching it. You should try it too. So cute And the story line also doesn't deviate from the manga much...
  17. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    dear! Of course I know her. I even like her songs I only knew her first name. I didn't know her surname, so when you said her name it didn't come to my mind that you were talking about the singer Ashanthi. It's great to hear that you love singing along Sinhalese lyrics. How should I help you with it? May be I could write the pronunciations of the words if you let me know what songs you like.. How's that? May be we could chat on chatango sometimes. I could teach you some Sinhalese words :)Should I teach you few now? Hmmm... Father - ÆŸa:ÆŸÆŸa: Mother - ÊŒmma: I've used the phonetic
  18. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    It's so nice to meet you too Listener!! Thanks for your warm welcome
  19. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    Hi Unie!! So good to hear from someone in the medical field:) Well, you see I only started reading manga after the final exam. I think it was love at first sight . The first manga I read was Kaichowa Maidsama and after that I just couldn't stop myself... And to top it I had plenty of free time after the exam... I think it took about 3 weeks you know, to read up to 50 manga... (well it's not exactly 50, around 40 to 50 may be, I really didn't count...) Actually I read 24/7 and didn't touch a single medical book... Well it was my after-exam reward So I went a little overboard I guess. But
  20. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    I see... but good that you're not having an exam recently study well Ani... I too designed a signature but not as awesome as Tear has designed you Thanks a lot for the tip. I'll go through the instructions again. I just finished proofreading. I'll go through it few time before sending it..
  21. Working on the Proofreading test :)

    1. Udara


      Thanks so much :)

    2. lat
    3. Udara


      Thanks so much :) I just submitted it now...

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  22. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    Yeah it really does need a lot of fixing!!! Now I truly realize how hard it is to release a new chapter... You're on break? Are you having an exam these days? If so BEST of luck Sam do it well.. Tear must very good. I'm also trying to make a sign putting up Kuze, Tomoe and Usui together. but still couldn't finish it..
  23. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    Thank you TailBreeze... It's so nice to meet you too Tomoe and Usui are so hansom Yeah i too think so.. they'll end the series with a kiss. I heard they only have about 25 episodes or so.. I really hope they make a 2nd season after this. I mean Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama anime was sOOooo amazing... It was the reason I started reading manga coz I wanted to know the end of story. Thanks for wishing me luck. I'm gonna submit it tonight
  24. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    Thanks Ani... :D/> I'm still half way through the test.. oni106/> hey are you a medical student? or do you know another medical student in EF? that's soOoo good to hear.. Hope I'll be able to help up with proofreading in the future oni45/> BTW you have really awesome signature there... oni15/>
  25. Udara

    Hi there!!!

    Owww thanks so much ... I literally can't wait till the next chapter release... You know who wouldn't fall for him?? The mangaka has given him all the qualities a girl would fall for with that heart breaking cold attitude of his....
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