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  1. Not really. It's actually about a fox demon falling in love with a human land god. Though it doesn't have any cats it's so much fun! Totally recommended!

  2. Udara

    Why do you get work even after the exam? Ahh that's so not fun :( In our school we had a vacation after the exam. So we have fun before we go home on the last day~~


    PG means post graduate exams dear. Since I've graduated from uni I have to get ready for PG exams. They are mostly researches and self studying :(

  3. Ayuuu..... what kinda trouble did you get into?? Are you alright? ~~~


    I hope you'll become less busy sooner..


    OWWW you're so cute /emoticons/default_smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="/emoticons/[email protected] 2x" width="20" height="20" />


    Take care okay? don't get into any trouble....

  4. Udara

    ohh.. you remind me of the work load and the busy days that I had few months back. What a hell of a time ~_~


    On what subjects are you having the lectures these days? If you'd like to see few of our lectures I could email you some :)


    Hey I just noticed today, you're of same age as my younger sis ;)

  5. Hi Ayu! how's school going? are you already hidden under a pill of HW? as for me, we're starting on few new researches this year. Ow and I got a PR job which I really came to like, TQK :D

  6. Udara

    Hi x5! How are thing going? Did your clinical work start yet? I remember you said it was due 7th? we're starting on several new researches this year. I badly wanted to design a new year greeting but unfortunately got stuck with work :(

  7. Udara

    ohhh now that you mention it that's totally true.. You don't have HM! School exams are fun. you get to fool around with class mates at the end of the exam week too. but PG exams are not that fun :(

  8. Yeah. It's Kamisama Hajimemashita. I designed it for her coz she said she liked that anime too :D you should watch it. It's so cute

  9. Udara

    ohhh.. but Ani you should give priority to your exams. Study well :) good luck with the exams! I'm sure you'll be fine...

  10. Thank you so much Scayth... I'll be sure to put on the chapter next time.

  11. Wlcome to EF Yuue didn't you think of applying for a post here at EF? It'll be fun Hope you'll enjoy yourself...
  12. Udara

    Thanks Ani :)




    Oh I long for a relaxing year... hope things will quiet down after few months once we finish the ongoing researches.


    So how is your school now? Already down with loads of HM?

  13. Udara

    Happy 2013 Ani :)


    well mine was busy sadly. I had to work even during my hols... there were 2 researches that we were working on. So had work during Xmas hols to finish them before 31st...

  14. Udara

    I'm glad that it was only that. You must have had a good time with your relatives :) That's great :)

  15. Udara

    ohh!! what happened?

  16. It's great that you're having such a nice time dear :)


    I'm having a nerve wrecking time with due research reports. Just finished one and logged onto EF. I'm so relieved now.


    When's your school starting after the break?

  17. Oww thanks dear :) but I'm a Buddhist. So I really dun have Xmas. But I know you guys have.


    You didn't get a present? ohhh :( What should I do? Hmmm... Let me think, may be a late Xmas surprise... ;)

  18. Sorry Tail...


    You know I'm still new to EF. I didn't know your name was only Tail.



  19. Hello Hazel :)


    How are you?

  20. Merry Christmas lunar :D hope you had a great time...

  21. Thank you SoRa :) yeah I'm having a great time here at EF :D

  22. Udara

    Merry Christmas Rae! I know I'm late but couldn't help it. Had to work yesterday...

  23. Udara

    Merry Christmas Unie! I know I'm late but couldn't help it. Had to work yesterday...

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