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  1. 26 Yay!!! faster. Welcome to the war Penny
  2. So are you enjoying your project? what's it about?

  3. ohh... poor crown, it's been tossed between Tail and Penny even with curse on it. Why don't I take over the throne for a while *thinks about the curse*
  4. I confess that when I found this while idling around the game forum, I was laughing so hard after reading all the replies about been molested oni28
  5. 33 Yeah! If they don't show up few more days, we can finish this game. yay!!! oni49
  6. 35 ha haa! is this even allowed by the rules of the game? I mean it's only 2 of us XD
  7. 37 Tail, looks like we can take this to '0' soon if nobody shows up
  8. Nobody had dared to over power Queen Tail for 2 solid days Seems everyone has really fallen ill. very well; I, Queen Udara declares that all the 'Evil' citizens here in kingdom of EF get well very soon and try to take over the throne
  9. Udara

    Then you'll be fine very soon :) I also took it when I got chicken pox.




    I hope you could settle things with a medical, coudn't you?




    ow and what's gonna happen to the family since the daddy cat is down with 'Chicken'pox? I should have mentioned not to go near the chicken coop ;) *kidding*

  10. Udara

    Ohhh... that must be terrible! :/


    Did you get a shot or are you on Acyclovir?




    It's better to have it at a younger age. It could get serious if you catch chickenpox after your 30s.




    Get well very soon dear :) We had it tough if we get leave from clinicals especially. is it same for you?

  11. You're welcome ^^




    So did you start on a project yet?

  12. Ohh!!! I'm gonna checkmate all the kings and I'm the queen now
  13. That's correct Tail You also like KWM? I love that anime!!!
  14. Udara

    I've been down with flu since yesterday. My throat is killing me. Couldn't have a decent sleep last night due to nasal congestion :/




    I've searched thru my notes. There are so many dear. I'll send you several lectures first :)




    You know, you should teach me about balneology. We know literally nothing about it :?

  15. Congratulation on joining the EF staff Alyona!!!




    *throws confetti* :D

  16. Yeah, the answer was there with the picture... Since nobody has posted a pic, let me give you an easy one
  17. ohhh Cheesecake, you're been so mean I guess I'll be the Queen until the next heir to the throne shows up
  18. Udara

    Thank you dear :)





  19. Hi ! it's been a while. I was too busy to log onto Chatango. I figured dropping a comment on friends' profiles once in a while suites me better..


    So how have you been? all fine?

  20. Udara

    Yeah! she's a hell of a trouble ;) but sometimes I spoil her I guess.




    Ohh you are having quite a few at the moment aren't you? I'll search through my lecture notes and send you some soft copies :D I'm not sure how much help they'll be though..

  21. Udara

    ohh... that sounds like a tough schedule! we used to have a month's break after the exam...


    Good luck with your exam Ani :D Do it well!

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