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  1. You are banned because I noticed that you've made 2 posts in 2 forum games within 5 min XD
  2. ohh you really love to spoil the mood don't ya? 49 but I like it
  3. 4 hey x5 you are counting in the wrong direction!
  4. SIX sorry Tail I was late come for reinforcement. I'm also on phone.
  5. ohh lucky 7 *grins* *looks aroud* *doesn't see any A-M around* @Tail, are you on phone?
  6. ohh lucky 7 *grins* *looks aroud* *doesn't see any A-M around* @Tail, are you on phone?
  7. Penny, you're counting in the wrong direction!!!! 14
  8. 13 ohh Alika's back .. but we're going to '0' yay!!! '
  9. 17 Ohh now Tail's here A-M bring it on
  10. 18 ohh it's like we are having a hand fight
  11. 17 Tail and Penny come help me out!!!
  12. 16 ohhh.... it's getting more exciting
  13. 16 (only 15 more posts if no A-M appears. but it's fun when they are here too :)/> @ Tail, I don't know. I mean, is it something we need to add?
  14. 22 ohhh... now we have so many in the battle field!!! It's getting excited
  15. ohh looks like our war is getting heated up 24
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