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  1. 6 now that I have counted so much, I'm sure my math skills must have improved greatly
  2. 12 ohh... it's alreay down to this *munching cookies given by Tail* *yummy*
  3. 19 jj and Alika are gonna be so furious
  4. I confess that I just added a reply to ToW while having a bath. XD
  5. yay <3 <3 21 Tail, lets take it down to zero again.
  6. you are banned coz I second that . looks like we are the only ones here at the moment *looks around* lets wait till someone turns up...
  7. you are banned for being so cute XD Night, come to evil flower chatago you can chat with a lot of friends there.
  8. 28 juju, if you don't get back up soon, it looks like we are heading towards zero this time too
  9. you are banned coz I'd love that too <3 <3
  10. you are banned because now we are friends <3
  11. sure 30 Night sounds a bit misterious and I like it
  12. ohh thanks Teddy 32 haha! I too recently found out about that molester thread reading it was really fun XD
  13. Hey, how about we take it way down to 20 by today :D

  14. I'm so sorry Tail. I also turned in early last night. But it seems they were also sleeping ;)

  15. 35 looks like we are again heading towards zero! XD yay!
  16. Hi Blue! welcome to the EF!! ohh it's so good to hear that you're TSing KT007 coz it's one of my fav!! hope you'll have a lot of fun here at EF!
  17. 55 what the hell! it's going on again. but i like that
  18. You are banned becaused I just love how you reply
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