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  1. Hi Alstro!! how have you been? Since you didn't reply me I figured you must have been busy. How are your studies going?


    as for me I started my internship. it's tough. but we have to do it :(


    take care. study well!!! have fun :D

  2. Udara

    Hi i dun think that i'll be able to drop by cb for the whole year. I get only one sunday off per month and only 2 evenings off per week. byt my boss is really good. so i'm doing well. i'll drop by your wall time to time. hope you are doing well.


    take care!!! have fun. study well!

  3. I was busy with the hospital work and couldn't log on to EF. Ill upload the chapter tonight. SoRa had replied to the post.




    Haha yeah good pencils are expensive. I also use the normal HB and a 6B pencil. That's more than enough for me ;)

  4. Udara

    Hey x5! how have you been? as for me, I started my internship last Monday. I'm doing medicine. It's tough but I at least get every other weekend off. My consultant is not bad to the interns and he is former teacher of mine. I think I'll be able to carry on my PR work here~~


    So what are you doing these days?

  5. Ohh that's great!!! Great work!!


    But no one has replied to my missing TL post yet. So let's wait until someone replies and I'll be able to post it too.


    Hey I just noticed that you are a fellow artist ;) I draw too. What do you use for drawing? I prefer pencil sketching~~

  6. Hey Little, How have been?


    I'll be able to upload the last chapter of HB V7 when the missing TL's done.


    I'll be off every other weekend. so I guess I'll be able to carry on my PR work here :)

  7. welcome back!!!


    I'm doing good :D so how are you?

  8. oni58


    Happy birthday elle!!!

  9. Udara

    oni58 Happy birthday Sam !!! :D
  10. Udara

    ohhhh that sounds fun XD we dun have hols here at our uni. but can't say that I'm not having fun since I just started watching another anime series.(The world only god knows) but can't watch more than 1 episode per day due to other work :( oh and I'm planning to go and see Wolverine this weekend with my friends :D


    I hope you'll have a lot fun with Sora :D

  11. Udara

    So how's holidays going? did you go anywhere? oni49



  12. Udara

    ohh you're having holidays? that's great!! i'm envious. then have lots of fun!!! :D

  13. Happy birthday dear!!! may all your dreams come true :D

  14. Udara

    Hello x5 oni44


    I learned this trick from Neko. It's great isn't it? to be able to use smilies on wall.




    I've been well. It's great to hear from you. :) so how have you been? what are you doing these days?

  15. Happy birthday Camels :D

  16. Alstro, you know what I just learnt from Neko? we can use onionhead smiles on wall. oni49


    you just have to put it on the shout box and then without shouting cut past it on the wall oni31

  17. ohhh you are mad genius!!! oni52oni51

  18. Neko, how did you use onionhead smiles on the wall? ohh please teach me how you did it...

  19. you are most welcome Shally :) so how are you? hope you are having fun here at EF. your finals must be over by now... so was it?

  20. Alstro, yeah we should shift to PM. It'll be easier and moreover I can use those cute little onion heads when posting you :D

  21. recently i applied for the quality checker and ayne had sent me the test. i'm gonna start working on it tonight... hope i would pass ;)


    ha ha finally I also went up to 4 posts...

  22. though i like them i haven't ridden horses more than few times.


    when i went to school my favorite subject was chemistry. what's yours?


    i also like pencil sketching. i mostly do birds though i have tried sketching other things as well.


    it's so fun to talk to you :) it's totally alright if you reply me late. i understand, you must be busy with school work.



  23. because he has injured his paw. :( he licks off all the medicine i apply on it... besides these days it's raining here so it's great when you brows the net with your cat on the lap :)




    you also like horses? that's great :D so what colour do you like? I like black ones because they give you a mystic feeling.

  24. I was a little busy with the work at the faculty so couldn't really work on my cross stitch :( I should have started with a small one being a beginner myself.


    when you talk about your dogs so fondly I get urge to play with them. i like playing with them. i play with my cat. it's so fun to play with him though he bites me sometimes... ;) these days he doesn't play much because ...

  25. i was saying that i totally understand what you mean. it takes a long time to watch anime. you can't watch them faster even if you want to like you could do when you read manga. but i still like watching them. so what manga do you read these days?


    yeah the character limit is way too less... now i started reading chihayafuru after finishing the anime :D

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