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  1. sorry, Udara!!! but i'm back!! hihi.:)) i'm on break atm, so i was able to message you! haven't replied yet to your last one though, i just composed a message on updates on what has passed these last 3 months.:)

  2. Hi Alstro!! how have you been? Since you didn't reply me I figured you must have been busy. How are your studies going?


    as for me I started my internship. it's tough. but we have to do it :(


    take care. study well!!! have fun :D

  3. Udara

    Hi i dun think that i'll be able to drop by cb for the whole year. I get only one sunday off per month and only 2 evenings off per week. byt my boss is really good. so i'm doing well. i'll drop by your wall time to time. hope you are doing well.


    take care!!! have fun. study well!

  4. I was busy with the hospital work and couldn't log on to EF. Ill upload the chapter tonight. SoRa had replied to the post.




    Haha yeah good pencils are expensive. I also use the normal HB and a 6B pencil. That's more than enough for me ;)

  5. Yush! It's up now :3




    I hope someone replies soon. I'm not an approved JTL (yet?) so I can't help you, but I hope there'll be some answers soon.




    I actually prefer the pencil too, but I'm no genius... I've been too poor to buy any more pencils than the normal HB kind so I dunno what to even do with the other hardnesses. But I found some good tutor...

  6. x5ga

    yay you're still here! i'm ok, doing medicine too hohoho. last year of uni. I'm aiming for pathological anatomy. maybe. either that or radiology. haven't decided yet xD


    good to hear that you're doing well~ come on cb too when you're free~

  7. Udara

    Hey x5! how have you been? as for me, I started my internship last Monday. I'm doing medicine. It's tough but I at least get every other weekend off. My consultant is not bad to the interns and he is former teacher of mine. I think I'll be able to carry on my PR work here~~


    So what are you doing these days?

  8. Ohh that's great!!! Great work!!


    But no one has replied to my missing TL post yet. So let's wait until someone replies and I'll be able to post it too.


    Hey I just noticed that you are a fellow artist ;) I draw too. What do you use for drawing? I prefer pencil sketching~~

  9. Yaay! Thank you for the hard work! Now we just gotta get them cleans coming in so I can continue TSing ;) I'm done with 26 as well now, just gonna look it over one more time for potential mistakes before I put it up on the forum. Yaay!

  10. Hey Little, How have been?


    I'll be able to upload the last chapter of HB V7 when the missing TL's done.


    I'll be off every other weekend. so I guess I'll be able to carry on my PR work here :)

  11. welcome back!!!


    I'm doing good :D so how are you?

  12. oni58


    Happy birthday elle!!!

  13. Thankyou for the birthday wishes <3 Sorry my reply is so late. Finally getting back into EF stuff again~ Hope you're well ^^

  14. ohh it's so cute :3 let's complete miku Q
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