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  1. wahh sorry if I didnt say >,< eep my memory is fadingggggg XD thank you so much, that would be fantastic :)

  2. Gahh realized how long ago it should've been done! Will get it done by this weekend xD

  3. Hi Lat! :o I didn't know I was supposed to TS Meiji Hiiro 9. I'll start that if you need it and since my midterms are done this week, I can probably finish it in 2 weeks or so :D

  4. hey candyness XD thanks again for meiji ch 10 :D are you still ok to finish TSing meiji ch 9? I can't remember if you posted it to me or not XD

  5. Yup everyone's nice here ^^ I have still yet to meet people on chatngo though xD

  6. Wahh! *glompsback!* Hope you're enjoying yourself here~

  7. AYUU *attacksglomps* <3

  8. Candy dear~ <3 Hehehe :3

  9. ohh i like Mei-chan :D that's awesome! Thanks so much :) cant wait to read more heheheh xD

  10. Thank you! I thought so~ :D

  11. Ohh ahahahahahaha that's really witty xD

  12. Caaaanddyyyyyyyyyyyy~! *GLOMP* Ahahahaha <3 A TransPlant is someone from Transcendence who also becomes an Evil Flower... Trans- and a Plant. Transplant. :D <3

  13. Tear!! *attacks glomps* This may be kinda random, but what's a TransPlant o.o

  14. Thanks for the welcome Melita! *excited to be part of EF* I've always admired EF's work on their projects xD TransPlant... lol I shall go ask Tear :D

  15. Thanks for the welcome Lat! I'll be working on Mei-chan no Shitsuji under the baws :D The cleaning test was hard @[email protected] I was worried I wouldn't pass xD

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