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  1. Comment on this Joey

    1. Joey


      yo little xP


    2. LittleWeird


      Check it out now. "LittleWeird has replied to their status"

  2. Welcome to the team! Come hang out with us at http://evilflowers.chatango.com/

  3. Hope you're feeling better mel~♥

  4. Yush! It's up now :3




    I hope someone replies soon. I'm not an approved JTL (yet?) so I can't help you, but I hope there'll be some answers soon.




    I actually prefer the pencil too, but I'm no genius... I've been too poor to buy any more pencils than the normal HB kind so I dunno what to even do with the other hardnesses. But I found some good tutor...

  5. Yaay! Thank you for the hard work! Now we just gotta get them cleans coming in so I can continue TSing ;) I'm done with 26 as well now, just gonna look it over one more time for potential mistakes before I put it up on the forum. Yaay!

  6. Yaaay! Another TLer! Congrats on passing the test! BANZAI! *jumps around throwing confetti*

  7. Hope you have a nice birthday, child of November ;)

  8. Typical LittleWeird: Buy ingredients for tasty healthy fish soup, mashed potatoes and meatballs (with cottage cheese salad thingy) and a nice halthy tuna and egg salad. What do I decide to make for dinner? Instant noodles...

  9. Congrats on becoming QC:er in training ;)

  10. Welcome to EF. ^^

  11. Yay for free stuff! I got a desk today, finally I can sit up properly while using the computer!

  12. Hello and congratulations on passing the PR test! We have been waiting for you~ Looking forward to working with you :3

  13. Congratulations on passing the CTLtest. Welcome to the gang :)

  14. Don't forget to come talk to us on chatango~ http://evilflowers.chatango.com/

  15. よã†ã“ãã¿ãã ã‚Œã•ã‚“ï¼ã€€I hope you will enjoy your time here at EF ^^ I'm looking forward to working with you!

  16. It's a good manga! ^^ I'm re-reading it right now XD

  17. We need to poke a PR:er soon to keep PR:ing, but that can wait a little ;P we've got two chapters ready to TS.

  18. Will do~ And shouldn't Koi be in "completed" projects now?

  19. Sounds good ^^ I'm still working on TQK, but TS:ing is a nice break from cleaning (since it's so much faster I feel like I accomplish more)

  20. Lat, does Honey Bitter need a TS:er?

  21. Working on TQK and plotting my next move...

    1. Tessa


      Oh, are you free now? I wish we could make this project a priority in the near future :D .

    2. LittleWeird


      I'm possibly gonna start TSing HB and I've picked up a chapter of OMRK. I was thinking I'd help out QCing now as well. Is there anything specific that you'd like some help with?

  22. I guess we'll never know ;P

  23. That must be it. when my brain has finished booting from sleep mode (just woke up when I wrote you) I'll figure it out. ;)

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