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  1. Once the excitement of winning the last battle had died down, I realized the battle had left me more worn than I had previously thought. I was struck by a devastating blow from behind as the immortal mountain monster of dishes had regathered its resources faster than expected. I invested in a pair of power gloves to help deal with my weakness to water, but the gloves alone are not enough to win the battle, and so I strategically took it out by attacking in rounds. As I write this, I am midst battle and I am preparing for a second strike today. As if the situation in the land of the kitchen wasn't bad enough, I hear that the safe-heaven over at clutter bookshelf has been compromised and the sorted documents that headed over to deal with the unsorted chaos of the papers and paid bills has failed its mission and fell victim of even more disarray. My trusty pet, the vacuum cleaner, is guarding the captured evil clutter paper and useless receipts in the now peaceful corner of stuff I actually use. It's been a tough week, and the fight goes on!
  2. Noone knows for sure. His trails are everywhere, but few have ever laid eyes on him. In Scandinavia he's even rumoured to be a rat!
  3. Thank you~ I haven't done much creative stuff lately so I figured I should amuse myself and write a story about my not so epic quest. It gives me something to do at least XD
  4. Project clear out all the stuff is progressing today. The forgotten corner of doom has dealt with and Lord Dust Bunnies minions have been slain. I can now proudly announce that the sacred scanner has been moved from unreachable darkness of under the table to night stand of tidyness (renamed after being rescued and relocated from receipt hell). The quest goes on, but I need to regroup and figure what my next move ought to be; paper horror picture show or evil closet of forgotten trinkets.
  5. I have a mission; a call for life or death. I have begun a hazardous journey towards a home free of clutter, dust, and trash. My task at hand - the one I've fought for three months now - is to clear our ALL the (unnecessary) stuff. As a prelude (and repeatable quest) to project clear out all the stuff I have slowly reclaimed the kitchen, and it is now at a manageable level where where the evil immortal mountain monster of dishes has be defeated and almost reduced to nothing. But the battle against the fruit flies continues; I fight them off, but to no avail as they regroup in small amounts and breeds a new army. Moving from the Kitchen of blasting sun and watery death, I went on to meet my very first enemy. As with all my enemies and challenges ahead, I have known it for a long time, and lest I forget the good times we had before it began to haunt me as a second shadow that never goes away, we used to be good friends. But now it has followed me for 12 years, growing heavier and meaner for every day passing. My heavy burden of the big box I never unpacked of sad childhood memories. Two months, it took me. Two months to break him down and scavenge what's worth saving and destroying what must be gone. In between the fights, I regrouped in the closet of forgotten trinkets. To build myself a stronghold, I tamed the wardrobe of clothes I never use nor fit. I even managed to set the innocent clothing free and re-homed some of them to charity. A few have run away in the process, but I will search for them as my journey goes on - and I will find them. Hopefully non of them have fallen to evil, or in the hands of the ruthless Lord Dust Bunny. Unfortunately, the forgotten trinkets formed an alliance of chaos and chased me out midst battle with the dirty laundry. All that remains is an uncertain path to the sanctuary of Fort Laundry-dale where the clan of clothes and towels are holding the borders. With no time to be discouraged, despite my gear being worn and ill-equipped for the following task, I carried on to the hell of the night stand of undead receipts. Though time-consuming due to my poor gear needing regrouping and repair at a frequent rate, I easily dealt with the receipts and saved the few living captives known as relevant receipts of warranty. Compared to previous quests, the travel through the stray papers and clutter bookshelf was hasty. I have yet to deal with the destruction of Lord Dust Bunny, and there are a few more items to save or re-home, but I shall return when the time comes and I've gained the alliance of the sorted documents. This is where you meet my present me. I am making haste towards the corner of doom where the sorted documents is rumoured to be captured by Lord Dust Bunny.
  6. ooh sounds like fun!
  7. Comment on this Joey

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      yo little xP


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      Check it out now. "LittleWeird has replied to their status"

  8. Hey! Thank you :D Sure, I will! ^_^

  9. Welcome to the team! Come hang out with us at http://evilflowers.chatango.com/

  10. Little! Thanks for wishing me happy birthday~ Although I am 2 months late... Well, better late than never, right? xD How are you doing?

  11. I was busy with the hospital work and couldn't log on to EF. Ill upload the chapter tonight. SoRa had replied to the post.




    Haha yeah good pencils are expensive. I also use the normal HB and a 6B pencil. That's more than enough for me ;)

  12. Manga editors die in uniforms made swiftly. daisuki
  13. Thanks. ^_^ I'm gradually getting better, yep~

  14. Hope you're feeling better mel~♥

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