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  1. Back, and college is kicking my butt. But manga editing is peaceful ;)

  2. Happy birthday Bri!!!

  3. lat

    happy birthday bri! :D

  4. Are you still alive o_o?

  5. Merry Christmas Bri! I know I'm late but couldn't help it. Had to work yesterday...



    *slowly grabs bri's head*

  7. I'm disappointed the apocalypse didn't happen today, I was so hoping for some zombies to shoot.

    1. lat


      haha know what you mean :P I totally missed when it was meant to happen anyway, I was writing reports >.> I feel I have a sad life XD

    2. Bri :)

      Bri :)

      I was too busy worried about school lol. I have school off for the day due to snow, and I have exams too. =/

    3. lat


      >.< good luck with your exams! We don't have snow in London at the moment, though I'm not sure if we'll get some on xmas day or not this year XD

  8. Start semester exams tomorrow. But I dont study so its okay ;)

    1. Udara


      Good luck dear :) I'm sure you'll be fine...

    2. lat
  9. Im good...tired as hell cause of school though-_- xD

  10. Hello, how are you?

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