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    I have lots of interests, and breathing is one XD

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  1. I AM STILL ALIVE AND KICKING!!! just a few more pages and I'm almost done T.T

  2. Happy birthday lyccz101!

  3. Is anyone training you?

  4. I survived the bloody exams ...


    I can clean manga chapters now peacefully ^^

  5. lol typo :3 *definitely

  6. Hi Lyccz ;3 Nice to meet you ^o^ I'm a new PR recruit, and I've heard that you're going to be Auntie Rae's Squishy #3!! Good luck~ You should definitel meet Squishy #1 and Squishy #2 - LittleWeird and JujubeJules, respectively ;3 They've been wondering about Squishy #3's identity for a while now :D

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