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  1. Non Non Biyori

    Also it looks like chapters from the first volume are unavailable? Is there somewhere else to download those?
  2. Non Non Biyori

    I can't thank you enough for translating this! I have some (Japanese) friends studying English who like this comic, so I thought I'd read through the English version with them. I got the Seven Seas version, and their translation team was smoking something. Like, I can't show this to my friends since they would read it and think "this isn't even the same comic". When there's no official English version you at least have hope that someday it will come. But when someone licenses it and botches the translation it's the end - no publisher is going to pick it up and retranslate it. FYI the donate button takes me to "sandbox.paypal.com" and I can't login. Do you have dsb_sandbox enabled in your settings by chance? FYI2 Your captchas are broken ~ Google retired the recaptcha v1 service a week or two ago. The one on the "create account" screen seems to be ignored, but it means that anonymous comments can't be posted.