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  1. Chitose Etc. v5 ch29 Sedna View File Sorry I thought I'd already uploaded ch 29... Raws: http://www.mediafire.com/file/mw4ng42ghvvmu5g/Chitose_v05_ch29%5Braws%5D.zip/file Submitter Sevs Submitted 07/22/20 Category Translations  
  2. Chitose Etc. v5 ch32 Sedna View File Sedna is on a roll! Raws: http://www.mediafire.com/file/m2yxn8tqibx7x1u/Chitose_v05_ch32%5Braws%5D.zip/file Submitter Sevs Submitted 07/19/20 Category Translations  
  3. Chitose Etc. v5 ch31 Sedna View File Chapter 31 from Sedna too! Raws: http://www.mediafire.com/file/4fthblxnqycwcmj/Chitose_v05_ch31%5Braws%5D.zip/file Submitter Sevs Submitted 07/19/20 Category Translations  
  4. Chitose Etc. v5 ch30 Sedna View File Translated by Sedna Raws: http://www.mediafire.com/file/6zqktb5uzr0f8pc/Chitose_v05_ch30%5Braws%5D.zip/file Submitter Sevs Submitted 07/12/20 Category Translations  
  5. Sevs


    Chitose_Etc_v05_ch28 View File Translator: Sedna [Decadence] Link to raws: http://www.mediafire.com/file/rfrzy0r3po52ga3/Chitose_v05_ch28%5Braws%5D.zip/file (the page number is off compared to Yoko's raws) Submitter Sevs Submitted 05/03/20 Category Translations  
  6. Chitose_Etc_V04_Extra_ED View File Cute extra! Submitter Sevs Submitted 04/26/20 Category Editing  
  7. Chitose_Etc_v04_ch27_ED View File Kyaaaa! Submitter Sevs Submitted 03/17/19 Category Editing  
  8. Chitose_Etc_v04_ch24_ED View File ch24 done ~ Submitter Sevs Submitted 11/16/18 Category Editing  
  9. Sevs


    Evyione_v10_ch54_[ED] View File PSDs Submitter Sevs Submitted 10/19/18 Category Editing  
  10. Chitose_Etc_v04_ch26_ED View File And another one! Submitter Sevs Submitted 10/12/18 Category Editing  
  11. Chitose_Etc_v04_ch25_ED View File Yay new chapter! Submitter Sevs Submitted 10/11/18 Category Editing  
  12. So excited about the future! :3

    1. ayne


      Last semester was brutal, need to catch up with all the tasks and find all missing staffies hehe....

  13. Chitose_Etc_v04_ch25_CL View File Done. Submitter Sevs Submitted 09/02/18 Category Editing  
  14. Chitose_Etc_v04_ch24_CL View File Here you go. Submitter Sevs Submitted 08/07/18 Category Editing  
  15. Sevs

    Spam Mail Hunter

    I'm sorry to say but when you're not active to actually get in touch with new possible recruits, it doesn't seem like you really want us. :( So I've looked other places to help out. I'm sorry eventhough I love youre projects!
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