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  1. I'm in!!

    Thanks again!!

  2. Greetings! I contacted you through Facebook, but had thought to leave a message here as well. Skills: I am fluent only in English. I have 20+ years experience as a office manager, receptionist and administrative assistant. I am proficient in MS Office with Word (and Works) Excel & Power Point. I have worked with Adobe PDF and I am good at figuring out programs and computers in general. I am very good at finding errors in the English language and I consider myself annoyingly anal about mistakes. However, this does not roll over into being a controlling person whatsoever*. I am able to follow instructions and I have very good memory skills (I love facts, trivia and learning new things) and at times a photographic retention ability of knowledge (yes, basically I am a know-it-all). I am good with sentence structure and flow. I own a PC, laptop and a printer/scanner/copier. I have worked with many different cultures over the telephone and computer in my work positions. *I am pretty passive and non-confrontational when working with others. About Me: I am Tofu.Chan, but you can also call me Karen. I've lived in Northern CA all my life. I am a married, stay at home mom (I have back disabilities that don't allow me to work or stand for extended periods of time) and I am old (sobs!). This leaves me a lot of free time in front of the computer, where I only just discovered manga about 6 years ago. Manga quickly became my #1 hobby, as I am a voracious speed reader and I pretty much read manga all day due to my injury. Manga genres I read are Josei, Shoujo, Romance, Slice of Life, Historical, Reverse Harem and Smut (Yaoi is OK as well). I don't really care for Sports or Tragedies. Art in manga is very important to me. I do appreciate a good artist and I myself am a pretty skillful artist as I love to paint and draw. I love music and anime, too. I am always curious about other cultures and I try and find the good in everyone. I have a very dry, sarcastic sense of humor, and I love anything that makes me laugh. I also am no prude, no topic offends** me as I am extremely tolerant and good natured in life. **To be honest, I do despise onions, tomatoes, southern rock music and Donald Trump. Feel free to contact me for anything you think I may be able to help with!! Tofu.Chan
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