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  1. I read Brundage no mahou no Shiro in one sitting on Saturday as it's a one-shot. The artwork was quite beautiful, the heroine quite feisty, and there was a happy ending. I stumbled upon The Great Merchant Kim Manduk in a French scanlation group. I was instantly hooked with the style of the artwork. It's a full-color webtoon originally published on Naver's site. I'm in chapter 3 atm. I like sageuk (historical dramas), so this is right up my alley! I'm nearly finished with Ashonde yo~~ uchi no inu Rogu, v.01 (Chinese Edition). V.02 is sitting on the shelf waiting to be picked up. And I'm st
  2. And it's amazing! So convenient. The team puts so much time and effort into bringing us great reads. ==
  3. I DL as a back-up or for times when my net connection is really slow. But generally, I like the reader, because I can compare to Chinese editions, if I want to.
  4. I basically live in manga paradise. Manga are readily available in Traditional Chinese from bookstores (new and second hand), manga rental stores, libraries, and manga cafes for an avarage of 100-140 NT$ (a bento costs about 70). There are two branches of Kinokuniya which stock manga and other books in Japanese. There are quite a few Taiwanese artists that create manhua whiich are fun to read. I haven't looked for translations from Korean into Chinese, but I know I'll find English versions here.
  5. I haven't read the manga, but I re-watched the anime version recently. I like the theme of people becoming victims of their own desires. The art may be a bit dated, but the plot is still fascinating.
  6. Hello, everyone. I'm an EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, based in Taiwan for ten years and counting. I majored in English Studies (i.e. literature, linguistics and teacher training rolled into one comprehensive program) and Chinese Studies. I'm used to (and prefer) Traditional Chinese. I like manga/anime/drama that are mysteries, fantasy, or food-related most of all. To a lesser extent I'm fine with horror (along the lines of Vampire Princess Miyu and Pet Shop of Horrors, although I just finished Tokyo Ghoul). Josei manga are something I'd like to get into. I joined because a
  7. KT007 is fun to read. Just started yesterday and going back and forth between the Chinese and English versions. It's interesting to see some of the translation choices.

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