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    Drawing, Anime, Editing (My friend's stories and stuff), Manga, Reading, Writing... etc. All dat kinda stuff.
    I am Chinese, but I only know simplified ;-;. (The regret settles in too late)
    *Attempting to learn Japanese*
    (Also cruising the fandom. Nosebleeds may have occurred.)

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  2. Its 1 AM 0.0. I'm going to sleep...


  4. Alright ^^ Sorry for not responding earlier, but I thought I might as well get one page done and over with before I replied. (Which took a bit longer than expected...) https://www.dropbox.com/s/qvdwm0ufisanndw/001-002.psd?dl=0 Here's the first page of the test in psd format. Note: (After I finished I realized I sort of overdid it in terms of the black part of the leveling 0^0u. If no gimp issue is fine, I promise I will fix it ><) And I read the instructions, but I've always manually removed the dust ^^u (I hope that is okay)
  5. I am also interested in helping you guys out with cleaning ^^. I do have some past experience, but I can't say I'm 100% there. However, there is one thing that might be a problem. Are you guys fine with GIMP? I can export them to PSD files, and I've never had any issues with GIMP from my previous scanlation groups in terms of layers. However, I realize there are some groups that do not accept gimp users.
  6. Hello~ I'm very confident in my english as well as punctuation skills. I do work very quickly. (I would prefer if I could be sent a deadline as I like to divide up the work appropriately.) I have proofread translations before, As I was with two other scanlation groups (That sort of suddenly stopped doing stuff when the school year rolled around). I believe I got through 3 or 4 scripts before no more work came in. As a bonus, I like cats. :3 I am very interested in proofreading, and would love to work with you ^^,
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