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  1. Ayuzora

    Hello everyone!

    I've never draw Totoro, he is so cute, I'm afraid to not suceed =3
  2. Ayuzora

    What're you reading?

    This moment I read Skip beat an Pika Ichi! Yeah I like shojo but not only
  3. Ayuzora

    Skip Beat!

    I really like this manga!! Kyouko is so funny and talented!! It's hard to wait for the scan I guess. this manga brings happiness, and I hope she will be forever alongside Ren !!
  4. Ayuzora

    YuukiG (english to russian translator)

    Hello!! Wow Russian is cool I think!! I translate too english to french and japanese to french XD ! When did you start to do the translation?
  5. Ayuzora

    The Lurker Drops In

    Hi Chris! Oh you're good in japanese? I study it XD 漢字ã¯é›£ã—ã„ã‘ã©æ—¥æœ¬èªžãŒé¢ç™½ã„ã§ã™ã­ï¼ How long you learn Japanese? Sorry for my bad english XD
  6. Ayuzora


    Hi! I see a lot of cats lover =3 They can rule the world!! So you have a cat? What his name?
  7. Ayuzora

    Hello everyone!

    Hey! What's your favorite characters? You drawing? Oh I like to see that! I do this too XD How long have you draw?
  8. Ayuzora

    Hi everyone

    Hello, I'm a fan of Japanese Culture, I watched around 200 anime (I like everything except the mecha genre). Anime's songs are beautiful !! I read a lot of manga and manhwa, I can't count them XD I study Japanese in France (place where I come from XD) So sorry for my bad english!! I'm glad to be here =D If you are any questions, you can tell me!! Thanks mina-san!!!
  9. Ayuzora

    Guess the manga

    Black Bird?
  10. Ayuzora

    I confess....

    I confess I'm afraid of the results of my exams
  11. Ayuzora

    What would you do if...?

    OMG!! I can marry my favorite character * q *Of course it will take me as his wife XD What would you do if Japan had to disappear someday? ( Crying)
  12. Ayuzora

    Yes or No? True or False? Yep or Nope?

    It's totally right I thought !! orz T/F when you see Charlie and the chocolatery, you want some chocolate *q*
  13. Ayuzora

    What is your favorite anime?

    I like lot of them but I think it's Vampire Knight my favorite =3 First anime that I watched
  14. Ayuzora

    Anime character(s) you hate the most!!

    Hum I want to say Kaname from Vampire Knight because I'm Zero fan girl!!! *q* And Makoto from School Days, the anime that I find disturbing and I hate the most!! the anime that I find disturbing and I hate the most
  15. Ayuzora

    Anime that made you cry

    Hey everyone! Sorry for my bad english XD I cried front of a lot of anime like : Air TV, Akame ga kill, AnoHana, Ayashi no Ceres, Clannad, Fruit Basket, Gosick, Kyoshiro to towa no sora, Saishû heiki kanojo, Nagi no Asukara, Natsuyuki Rendez-vous, Shigatsu wa kimi no uso (lot of tears), Shingetsutan Tsuikihime, Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii, Ansatsu Kyôshitsu, Boku dake ga inai machi, Chûnibyô demo koi ga shitai, Soul eater and Toradora! Certainly I have forgotten some of anime XD I think, songs are important in a anime because, give us more emotions and japanese'svoices are incredible too!!