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  1. Anju

    Masca II: Kings

    Yeah is weird, but I have winrar thats even more weird xDD, I tried the new file, and it worked, thanks, now I can make the test :3
  2. Anju

    Masca II: Kings

    Right after download, Chrome says something like "Cleaner Test[Your Name] is a malicious file and chrome has blocked it" and immediately deleted the file, as if it had never been downloaded , and my antivirus is AVAST.
  3. Anju

    Masca II: Kings

    I tried to download the "cleaner test" file, but my antivirus blocked the file TuT
  4. Anju

    Masca II: Kings

    there's something I can help you with this project? I don't know Korean but I can help you cleaning pages.
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