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  1. Grim volume 6 epilogue

    Grim volume 6 epilogue View File its my first time translating grim so i dont no if i did well Submitter IRa Submitted 11/16/17 Category Translations  
  2. What should I do with my profile pic

    1. Nekomikoto


      cats? :D :D :D Or a character from your favorite series?

  3. Looking for new projects to translate~! Anyone need a korean translator?

  4. Hey, I wanna change my name from seoira to IRa. Anyone know if it's possible?

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    2. ayne


      Changed it, so your name is now IRa, you should've received a mail about it too. ;) Do you want to be credited as "IRa" as well then?

    3. IRa


      thank you so much! ><

      Yes please, i'd like to be credited as IRa as well :)

    4. ayne


      Alright, you're welcome~

  5. Hey everyone... I'm back! I'm so sorry it took me such a long time.

  6. Welcome to EF!! Thanks so much for your first chapter translation :) we are very grateful! <3

    1. IRa


      Your welcome~ I was so excited to work on my first korean-english translation ever! I've only ever tried english-korean translations, and they were only just for fun~ So this is really fun for me~

    2. lat


      that's exciting!! :) I'm glad you're finding it fun~ and thank you so much! :)

  7. Saw that you passed the KTL test. Welcome to the familly! :D Feel free to stop by the chat to talk us~

    1. IRa


      Thank you so much for welcoming me! I'm so excited! Thnx!

  8. Hello! I’d really like to join your group. I’m Korean, I was born in Korean and my parents are both Korean. But I lived outside Korea for 6 years, and went to International School, so my level of Korean and English are both native. I also have Japanese relatives and I have an interest in Japanese, so I learned Japanese, too. Also, I lived in HongKong for 3 years, so I’ve learned simple Chinese. I am very interested in this area of language. My dream is to be a translator. Please let me join your team as a Korean Translator, and please contact me soon, I have turned in a registration form. Thank you!^^