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  1. It does work, but she says you guys dont have permission for it :(


    Lat and Tessa both said they sent the raws already to you guys though (Perhaps to vinnie?) but if you want I can pm you the raw links too~

  2. Hey can you send us the link for where OC raws are at again? The one you sent vinnie doesn't work... (http://evilflowers.com/ipboard/index.php?/topic/1524-orange-chocolate-raws/page__view__findpost__p__55579)

  3. Heyyy! :D new link for BSS 32 is up

  4. Just got your email. Please check it asap.

  5. lat

    hehe dont worry ^^ 9 th should be fine I've asked tessa :)

  6. Azura

    Oops sorry, typo...

  7. lat

    Here ya go, this was your comment :) "and let's release ch 23-24 on December 26th. It's vinnie and Naru's bday that day and we would like to add it to release for the day. ;D"

  8. lat

    ahhh sorry btu on my profile you said 26th ^^; It's on the 3rd page of my profile comments if that helps :) I'll speak to tessa to see if we can get both chapters done for the 9th ^^

  9. Azura

    ...I said the 6th before... lol um well, sure just send me the links for the 9th then.

  10. lat

    heya- ohhh you said 26th december to me, not the 6th? Which day is it you want to release then? I'm confused XD Let me know which dates okie :) Our next release date is this sunday ( 9th December)- if you want to release them then?

  11. Azura

    Heyy lat, sorry for changing the date but can we release it on Dec 7 instead of Dec 6? We need some extra time to prepare some unfinished chapters... sorry x_X

  12. lat

    hehe no prob :D the chapters are QCed but need to have credits added etc. I'll let tessa know :)

  13. Azura

    lol nvm about ch 22. i forgot we released it already haha silly me

  14. Azura

    so ch 22, 23, and 24 on dec 6? sure, can you send me the chapters anytime before 4:30pm (GTM-4) if possible? I'll try to release around that time since that's the time when i usually come home

  15. lat

    ohh we can also release ch 23 and 24 on the day you wanted -26th dec i think it was? :D

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