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  1. MoonlightGirl

    Pika Ichi

    I tried to read the Manga in Japanese but I couldn't xD Here's the link for Volume 7: http://akm.md-dc.jp/book/carrier/00000006/binb1.4/000000b9/core/binbReader.jsp?url=&shareUrl=http%3A%2F%2Fmd-fp.jp%2Fservice%2Fnc%2F0000000d%2F000000%3Fisbn%3D9784063806229%26lastUrl%3Dhttp%253A%252F%252Fkc.kodansha.co.jp%252Ftrial_lastpage%253Fisbn%253D9784063806229&cid=00026m1300000005&dlEngine=0000000x&title=『ピカ☆イãƒã€è©¦ã—読ã¿%7C講談社コミックプラス&dataName=ピカ☆イãƒ&productName=サンプル&param=1
  2. MoonlightGirl

    Pika Ichi

    In the description says that the Volume 7 is COMPLETED!!!! But I just can read until Volume 6!!! DDD: Pls Pls Answeeer DD: Thanks :c
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