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  1. Actually, I haven't heard of any hamster mangas besides hamtaro at all XD. I take that back, didn't even know hamtaro was a manga xD (Though it being a manga should've been pretty obvious to me) I didn't even know they made any about hamsters XD Also, my series is amazing *_*
  2. I've actually never heard of any of those Nekomikoto. I would look it up, but I might get hooked then i'd become obsessed about not being able to read it XD. I even thought about learning to read Jappanese because I can't stand not knowing what happens on Saiunkoku Monogatari :'(. Ahh the struggle XD But...What the heck is a hamster manga? XDD
  3. What mangas do you hope will get translated later on? Whether they were dropped or just haven't been translated over yet. I know one manga i'm literally dying to start being scanlated again, Saiunkoku Monogatari. It's so amazing! xD I love it and it sucks i'll never get to find out what happens. What about you? c:
  4. Whelp.... :c I'm amazing beautiful right? http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/I_36efb5_1020495.jpgthe picture speaks true c:
  5. Today something amazing happened!! O: (not) Laid in the bed all day and read manga :c (amazing right? c: )
  6. I'm reading, Yamato Nadeshiko ShichiHenge, One Piece, Magi, Chihayafuru, Ruler of the Land (Manhwa), Fairy Tail, Kenichi, Hatekyo Hitman Reborn, World Trigger, Shingeki no Kyojin, Shougeki no sama, Magi the Advantures of Sinbad, Naruto Gaiden, annnd that's all I can remember at the moment lol. I think the only manga i'm reading from EF is Yamato Nadeshiko Shichihenge
  7. Oh my gawd. I completely forgot about this. I watched the anime, loved it. i started to read the manga, but completely forgot about it lol. Maybe I'll pick it up again, it was really interesting!
  8. I was obsessive with the anime! I went around singing Lambos little song for the longest! xD I was going to read the manga, but the obsessive phase ended before I could so now it's ehhhhh. I wanna but not motivated enough too xD.
  9. One piece! Even though I came across so many interesting mangas with lots of amazing stuff, One Piece will always be my favorite! It's the best. man I love luffy!! XD Even though it's extremely popular, many people fail to give it a chance though o: It's one of those stories that gets better and better as it goes on. Luffy is so easy to fall in love with! xD While I wish Nami never existed >
  10. I love Skip Beat! I really wish things woulf speed up a little though. It was pure luck that I happened to find Skip Beat xD I think. Well no, i just keep seeing it every where wondering what the heck it was. It looked completely uninteresting to me. But I keep seeing the anime everywhere (literally) like it was all like "Watch me! Watch me!" So I was real courious and decided to check it. I ended up watching it non-stop! (Though I do that with every anime) and I ended up really liking it xD. It wasn't till a long while after I finished that I thought about reading the manga for it. Lol I love the manga, but I am seriously surprised how I never noticed the differences in their body porportions before!! XD Also, am I the only who still kind of hopes that Kyouko realizes that Shou still cares about her and that he'll hurry up and actually admit he does and like beg for her back or something? xD Even though Kyouki and Ren should be together, I still can't help but hope that its ShouXKyouko xD. Like am I the only one that hopes Shou realizes how dumb he was and ends up winning her back, promising to never let her go again? xD
  11. I have absolutelty no the what the first manga I ever read was! xD Maybe something like fruitbaskets or blood +. I have no idead, because when I first started reading manga, like litterally when I first started to read one, i couldn't stop! Lol i'm obsessed now.
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