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    Chicken nuggets are like my family
  1. Having a nervous breakdown while opening a jar when it magically opens. Crying tears of joy

  2. EgzO

    Masca II: Kings

    There are 4 volumes published, soon 5..There will be 8 books in total , you can read a short description of the last book on her blog (not happy with it at all, makes me worried >.<)
  3. EgzO

    Masca II: Kings

    Oi! I can help you with this since I asked Kim Young Hee personally the same question. Welp, you cannot buy it online outside of Korea, also even when you go there you will not be able to buy it yourself, you will have to ask a friend or a family member who lives there to buy it for you
  4. Turtles are not pancakes!

    1. Nekomikoto


      But they make good soups 8D

    2. EgzO


      I like the way you think ;)

    3. ayne


      Poor turtle...

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