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  1. Very Good! Correct! Then how about this?
  2. That's correct! How about this?
  3. avatar rendered by me

  4. Thanks Tulvander-chan. I saw your picture. You're cute! Btw, those pics were edited. My real self is like this: I'm a real fatso. I was about to change those pictures with this one, but I reached the time limit, so yeah... Pitiful. And oh, thanks to Tailbreeze as well.
  5. @Tailbreeze, I was about to change my pictures into more 'discreet' ones, but "you do not have permission blah blah..." Can't we have a longer grace period for editing our post? <- Rhetorically speaking
  6. I think I just made a big mistake.

  7. Anime, choose: Voltes V, Tosho Daimos, Dragon Ball, Astro Boy... I really can't remember. I was like so young back then, like four or five years old. Manga, uhhmmm: Either Special A or Skip Beat!
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