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  1. my first anime INUYASHA <---The bomb I discovered tunami on cn as a tinny tiny child when adult swim first came out regardless MIND BLOWN
  2. yes it's the very definition of depression when you can't find anything Do you ever cosplay so much you find yourself cosplaying going to sleep?
  3. Hi I'm Alora I'm a new 21 year old insane cosplayer I'm currently out of college and down on my luck for the last 3 years of my life so i tend to spend my days working and sleeping need me my nappy times if you get to know me you'll think I'm a truly insane baka.... but I'm FUN!!!... I am contagious.....but I love to interact with pplz I'm an avid writer and gamer freak (currently on hiatus) I love love love reading manga and books I am also bi-tri-quat-lingual? I can speak American, English (Yes there is a difference) Polish Chinese French and trying learn Japanese I used to also know se
  4. Hi, I'm Alora and I'm a big fan on the releases provided by this group and I would like to help out with QC work if there is an availability, I have previous experience in QC work from college paper corrections to professional photography and on-line web pages but none in Manga but I do hope to learn and do well ^.^
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