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  1. My first anime would have to be "Vampire Hunter D" when I was four, but at that time I didn't even know what "anime" was no less the story for this movie. Anyways, it wasn't until elementary when I watched Gundam Wing, Sailor Moon, and Dragonball Z that I came to discover anime.
  2. Hmmm...how can I answer this? I usually just read whatever comes to my attention, but so far the only manhwa/manga I'm paying particular attention to is "Love (Yeonmo )" by LEE So Young.
  3. Hi Mirunyanko! I just saw that you're the KR translator for Evilflowers that's so awesome! I hope we get a long as well. XD

  4. x5nyan

    Welcome to EF Jae! haha this is random I just saw on the shout box that you are new! XD Any way good luck!! X3 I hope we get along~ XD

  5. Jae


    Sorry, to disappoint I'm a girl.
  6. Jae


    Hey! Thank you for your warm welcomes. XD I'm going to be scanning Nocturne volume 6 and Dear My Girls volume 9. Also, hopefully the 2 extra volumes for Masca when I find them. Yeah, I like cats too I believe this picture is from the cover of a drama cd.
  7. lat

    welcome to EF Jae! :D Give me a shout if you need help with anything ^.^

  8. Jae


    Hi, I thought I should stop by and introduce myself! I'm Jae and I'm going to be the new scanner for Evilflowers! I look forward to working with everyone!XD Thanks!
  9. Welcome to EF~ Don't worry too much about the technical stuff. If you run into any probs, just ask~ <3

  10. Hey there! Thanks I'm getting really excited already!:D

  11. Welcome to EF! ;3 thanks for joining us!!!~

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