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  1. No...but I have gone cliff diving Have you ever felt SO lazy that the day was going very slowly?
  2. Today is my last day with my boyfriend and our friends. We are also celebrating my birthday early Quite excited!!! I didn't know which cake to get so I got Tiramisu and a Chocolate Fudge one XDD The tiramisu is sooooo good!!!!!!
  3. Omg lamb meat...I had that when I was in middles school in Korea, visiting family from my father's side. They wouldn't tell me what meat it was until I ate it ._. When they finally told me that it was lamb meat, I cried. Best Thing: Spicy food O_O...mainly Korean food >.< Worst Thing: Fried silk worms Weird Thing: Pig/Cow intestines
  4. Hi Rage! I am new too. I also found this scanslation group to read a manhwa XD
  5. Thank you! I was very impressed of your project collection! I am currently a senior, graduating this May. I know it is soon. I don't really know what I want to do still T__T Somewhere in the event planning or non-profit area perhaps. I am still thinking The official name of our major is Information Design and Corporate Communications, which combines PR, event planning, marketing, journalism, user experience (UX), creative industries and graphic/web design alllllll in one. It's a mess ._.;; I decided to go more broad to see what the different options are in the field, but I did avoid PR a
  6. Awwww yeah!! *dances* XD Hello!!! I am considering of applying to be a Korean Translator...but...still debating >.<
  7. Aww! Long distance is tough, but there are ups to it, like...I still feel nervous and happy and shy and !%@#[email protected]#[email protected] when I see him XD It's weird even though we aren't in the honeymoon phase. You get to meet up every month? lucky youu!!! For me, it's whenever school gives me breaks...if that is even possible.
  8. Yes! It tasted a bit odd though...never tried it afterwards. Have you ever made a milkshake out of ice cream cake?
  9. My week has been amazing so far! Being in a long distance relationship, it is tough to keep in touch with your boyfriend/girlfriend. I finally got to see my boyfriend after some time. It feels great to spend time with him XD. We also went on a road trip o.o He picked me up from Atlanta, and drove to North Carolina to see friends Though...his friend's wife wasn't feeling good. We both felt bad, but I cooked us up some Tuna/Chicken Alfredo pasta. Everyone liked it! WOOT!!! A success! I just hope she feels better and we can all spend time together before we leave. Was this too personal?
  10. My first anime were .. Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z and Inuyasha. I don't remember quite well how I was introduced to any of those, but I do remember how I got to read/watch Dragon Ball Z. My aunt used to take me to the comic stores in Korea. I would grab a book when I could and the first one was Volume 8 of Dragon Ball Z XD
  11. Did my question grab your attention? Well, I am asking the question after all. I hope I did not come out as rude or anything... ^^;;; My apologies if I did. Well, now that I have grabbed your attention, I am Dada Nice to meet you! I would normally just start off with an introduction of myself, but...everyone has started their posts with "hello!" or "Hi there" and such. No complaints. Like mentioned in the previous mini-paragraph, I am Dada. I am currently a senior, studying communications in Massachusetts. International student having a blast trying to find a job of course. I love
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