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  1. Sorry for irritating and being selfish.. :'( X-( I just got carried away by getting exited for how it would end.. Thanks for the hardwork... Thanks for everything u have done for us... Pls do as u are comfortable with... Whether it may take time.. It doesn't matter... But pls conti with this work... As we would wait... ;-) Thanks a lot..!! :-D And sorry for the misbehavior... :-C My best wishes.... :-D
  2. Can u please try and complete this manga in these 2 months.. Cause the series is already completed... And it is taking too long i.e. almost years to complete with the translation... That is also when it is in its last few chaptrs.. Don't know why taking sooo long when it is ending... Also there is no waiting for the raws as all the volumes have already released... Then why is it taking so much of time.... Pls do with the translation as soon as possible... If can atleast 2 chaptrs a month... Thanks...!!
  3. Thanks a lot!!! It's amazing.... Also can't wait... Can u tell us when is it going to release..... Thanks again.....
  4. Thanks a lot!!.. I was wondering how much time will it take to complete all the volumes..?? I hope it doesn't take much time.. But I'll wait.. Thanks a lot for your hard work and for handling our request... Thanks a lot for everything... My best wishes are with you.. Sorry for troubling..!!
  5. Sorry for that response... Had no intention to discourage... But i am so exited that it is difficult to wait... Sorry..
  6. Same here really very very disappointed... Had hope....
  7. In japan all the volumes are released here are some helpfull websites http://kc.kodansha.co.jp/title?code=1000004936 and in english http://www.randomhouse.com/book/232269/the-wallflower-33-by-tomoko-hayakawa http://www.randomhouse.com/book/239505/the-wallflower-34-by-tomoko-hayakawa
  8. You can find some raws in these websites for free http://hellosugah.livejournal.com/tag/perfect%20girl%20evolution http://raffmanga.ch/manga/perfect-girl-evolution/ http://raw.senmanga.com/Perfect_Girl_Evolution/
  9. I have provided you with some websites you will find the volume 33 completed and vol 34, 35 and 36 so please do translate and please complete this manga best of luck and thank you for all your hardwork below are some websites that i have commented below
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