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  1. Im back guys sorry for the long hiatus T__T

    1. chargerwong


      XD as long as you came it's fine

  2. TAIL. we need to talk, I havent talked to you in forever and theres alot of things i need to explain that you might not like...

  3. Hazel


    Chicken butt=Nutella :3 Alika, EVERYONE NEEDS AN INTRODUCTION
  4. Happy Birthday!!! <3

  5. really? haha i dont really like herionne shikaku because i think adachi deserved that guy :P

  6. Cardcaptor Sakura but i didnt no that was a manga, i thought it was a picture book lol
  7. omg, i saw a "advanced" title for the first time on here, do you guys no what that means lol xD

    1. Nekomikoto


      I think it's non-staffers with a certain number of forum posts

  8. Hazel


    heyy guys im new here and my name is hazel... JK adjfnka ACTUALLY, I JUST REALIZED I HAVENT MADE AN INTRODUCTION ON HERE ASFKRG so yeah, hey guys hmm...i like watching t.v.(THE BACHELOR ), reading manga (shoujo ), sleeping, and i like chicken butts. OH and making fun of tail, ofcourse how is you been doin? p.s. i like these emoticons, im going to kidnap them and take them into my secret lair ~Hazel
  9. omg this is too late but everyone looks soo pretty oni29 tail,tronny,neko,sora,elle,etc....everyone looks scrumptious
  10. im sorry, but a GIRL who watces t.v. canNOT be a PRINCESS THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED
  11. HAHA XD i guess you guys will never understand.... THE TRUE QUENN ..... IS ME
  12. Happy B-day guurl <33

  13. Nono im just part of the family! lol xD come on chatbox gurl we r waiting for you :3 http://evilflowers.chatango.com/





    HAZEL~ (foxxy)

  15. Welcome Back!! <33

  16. You never get boring or lazy..always energetic and fun lol xD

  17. How does it feel like to train someone?? Feel the power xD

  18. Umm..since noone has commented on this in a year..i'll post a pic! My link
  19. I would scream..and I'd think how in the world it got in my bedroom What would you do if you woke up and you were in the jungle?
  20. I confess that i have a major test that i havent even studied for ^__^
  21. Hey Yuuenchi!! Welcome to Evil Flowers!! Like Joey said,make sure to check out the chatbox, there are amazing people there
  22. Hey Yuuenchi!! Welcome to Evil Flowers!! Like Joey said,make sure to check out the chatbox, there are amazing people there
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