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    Sizzling Texas
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    Manga, Reading, watching reality tv shows, anime, badminton(if anyone even knows what that sport is, congratsxD) and i watching asian dramas as well.
    If you guys have any recommendations, on the topics above that i mentioned feel free to tell me, i need new stuff u guyss!! xD

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  1. Im back guys sorry for the long hiatus T__T

    1. chargerwong


      XD as long as you came it's fine

  2. Sis said you wanted to talk to me?

  3. Huh? Explain what?

  4. TAIL. we need to talk, I havent talked to you in forever and theres alot of things i need to explain that you might not like...

  5. Happy burfday Hazel~

  6. Hazel


    Chicken butt=Nutella :3 Alika, EVERYONE NEEDS AN INTRODUCTION
  7. Happy Birthday!!! <3

  8. yeah Adachi deserved him but what I like is the mangaka made Hatori the main character. If Adachi become the main character it will be boring. Well, antagonist character isn't that bad.. Everyone makes a mistake anyway. lol. I'm curious with who Hatori will end up

  9. really? haha i dont really like herionne shikaku because i think adachi deserved that guy :P

  10. Ehem, ehem,


    Well, I just suddenly want to tell you that I really like Heroine Shikkaku :3 also akuma de koi shiyou too! XD

  11. Cardcaptor Sakura but i didnt no that was a manga, i thought it was a picture book lol
  12. omg, i saw a "advanced" title for the first time on here, do you guys no what that means lol xD

    1. Nekomikoto


      I think it's non-staffers with a certain number of forum posts

  13. Hazel


    heyy guys im new here and my name is hazel... JK adjfnka ACTUALLY, I JUST REALIZED I HAVENT MADE AN INTRODUCTION ON HERE ASFKRG so yeah, hey guys hmm...i like watching t.v.(THE BACHELOR ), reading manga (shoujo ), sleeping, and i like chicken butts. OH and making fun of tail, ofcourse how is you been doin? p.s. i like these emoticons, im going to kidnap them and take them into my secret lair ~Hazel
  14. omg this is too late but everyone looks soo pretty oni29 tail,tronny,neko,sora,elle,etc....everyone looks scrumptious
  15. im sorry, but a GIRL who watces t.v. canNOT be a PRINCESS THE QUEEN HAS ARRIVED
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