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  1. Thank you very much for these releases <3
  2. Happy New Year !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for all your great work !! I hope that 2016 will be a wonderful year for you <3
  3. Lala-chan

    Non Non Biyori ch25

    Thank you veyr much for this new release <3 Well, I have a lot of covers, I drink hot chocolate and if I can, I don't go out ^^
  4. As soon as I finish "Suki Kirai Suki" I will let you a little comment Thank you very much for your hard work !!
  5. Thank you so much for this new release ! Thank you for your hard work on this chapter <3
  6. Lala-chan

    Evyione 52

    Oh, I am a little late ^^" Thank you very much for all your great work <3
  7. Lala-chan

    Almost there!

    Thank you very much for your wok on this manga <3 You are so GREAT !!!
  8. Oh I am a little late, I was on vacation... Thank you so much for all your great work !!
  9. Thank you very much for this release
  10. Oh thank you for your great work !!
  11. THANK YOU for your message Shally !! No it isn't my real name, I just like this name so I wanted to use it ^^ I am happy to know that one person like it You are right, as long as people can understand me it isn't a problem if my english isn't very good
  12. Thank you for your welcoming message Hum, I am sure that your spanish isn't so bad ! It is difficult to learn many languages, one is already great ! I let comments on some project's page I already read but it isn't a lot (I am quite slow to read projects and busy with the university life) ^^" But I will keep this attitude and let comments everytime I read one project ! Thanks again !!
  13. It was a really good manhwa and the story is interesting ! Thank you very much for this project
  14. Oh the story looks so great !! I can't wait to read it !! THANK YOU for your great work
  15. Lala-chan

    Hello ^^

    Hello !! I am Lala-chan and I am 22 years old I live in France so my english isn't very good (I will make a lot of mistakes so I am sorry about this) ! Hm, I don't really feel at ease on forum (maybe it's because my life is too boring and that I have nothing to say? xD) but I like to say thanks to the staff members for their great work ! I love a lot of Evil flowers's projects !! I won't be all the time here but I will try to come here often and I won't forget to let a little word to thank you for the releases and your work I don't know what to add in my introduction... if you have any question, feel free to ask me !
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