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  1. I was waiting for some time to see SSG - Meimon Danshikou Keppuuroku getting scanlated ... and I just learned that Shoujo Sense started with it ... yeay ... super cool But I really really really hope someone is interested in picking up Siesta (from Lee Young-You). Sura's Place dropped it a long time ago, but it seems nobody else is interested in it =(. And I just started reading Xing Gui Shi Tian Kong De Dao Lu, but only 13 chapters of it are available. I would love to see it getting picked up.
  2. Second try ... now I did it with ps. I hope the leveling now is like it should be, I'm still working on getting used to ps <Removed>
  3. Thanks ... I had an idea, that gimp would make some problems =( I really would like to help ... so I will think about getting photoshop
  4. Hey, I would really like to help with Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 and Grim Peddler so I want to apply as a Cleaner. I don't have photoshop but only gimp ... I hope that is ok. Its my first time cleaning manga, but hopefully I can pass the test ... if not than maybe you can tell me what I should work on to improve my cleaning abilities. <Removed> Have a nice weekend.
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