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  1. True Have you ever stayed up till 4 in the morning?
  2. Doubtful, the Evil group decided to test the army of females to see if they were loyal. (Sorry, was reading the sentence on the wrong page and I can't edit the post I made so I just created a new post.)
  3. The more the merrier, right? Wouldn't that also mean faster releases too? What would you do if you got sucked into an anime world of your choice?
  4. Unfortunately, a man, who was ferious with the lawerbots and those who helped disband the TAPS, started a new group call TAPSR, which stood for TAPS Revenge.
  5. You're banned because your signature has November on it but it's already February.
  6. Wish granted but your extra classes stresses you out. I was going to put "wish granted but your classes take a day to get to" but it didn't make any sense the more you think about it. I wish I get good scores on my SAT and ACT.
  7. Light! The dark scares me... Phone or Computer?
  8. Ummmmm.... That's a little hard to answer... I think it's true but others may not but who care! ^u^ What is the latest you ever stayed up till?
  9. I put them in the dryer, I rarely hang them up to dry. What is something you never tried but would like to try one day?
  10. Hello! I am interested in joining EF as a quality checker. I'm new to cleaning but I know the basics of cleaning and I would like to try my skills with the QC test. Thanks! Rain
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