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  1. Hello Everyone. I am obviously not new, but I've come back from retirement. Now that I've settled into my job, I have a little bit more free time to burn. I'm active mostly on Chatango. Redrawing is my favorite part of editing (and cleaning dust is my least favorite), so I'd like to come back as a redrawer-only. If you got any page with obnoxious parts that need to be redrawn, please feel free to send me that page! I can usually get it taken care of fairly quickly. Just a side note, due to my hectic work schedule, I go "Poof!" from March 1 to April 15, June 1 to July 15, September 1 to October 15, and December 1 to January 15. Thanks and Cheers! Sammie
  2. I wanna see the full costume! Update: nevermind, saw it on another post
  3. Sam


    I remember Tear once mentioned that we need a cooking thread on the forum, so here it is: It's not a secret that I have an obsession with baking, and now, I can declare that I've officially conquered the French Macaron!
  4. I know I need to redo Honey Bitter, but I am running a high fever today. Will get to it tomorrow, I promise.

    1. LittleWeird


      Take care of yourself sam~ Your health is more important~

    2. Sam


      I have it all cleaned, but it's not on this computer.

    3. LittleWeird


      Give me the link whenever you can :)

  5. Sam

    Yes. That will depend on when they'll finish.

  6. bored bored bored bored bored... but don't want to clean.

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    2. Tessa


      No, I'm sure she has some XD. How is Steady Study going? :P

    3. Sam


      No longer bored. Have a job.

    4. Sam


      Also, it's going steadily (pun intended).

  7. Sam

    Well, I'm back for now, for this week, at least. Now I am just waiting to hear back from places where I've sent out resume and search for new opportunities.

  8. Sam

    Sorry Tessa, I should be more active, but I was too busy job hunting and falsely celebrating the fruitlessness of my job hunt.

  9. Thanks Unie! The stole is from Multicultural Center for Academic Excellence.
  10. Bachelor of Science in Accounting and Finance, and I am officially unemployed.
  11. Sam

    manga drawing

    You should add "gender bender" as an option.
  12. Just finished the very last exam of my college career. Now. Gimme a project.

  13. Sorry I've been really busy lately. Gimme a lil push if I am behind on Honey Bitter.

    1. Tessa


      You're not, but we do hope to have you back soon Sam :) .

  14. Unie I didn't know you are a brunette. For some reason I always thought you had sandish blond hair. Also, pretty.

  16. My lack of motivation to do anything on the very last week of winter break is getting to me. I swear I'll quit Runescape, I'll stop being lazy, and I'll start cleaning. Really. I think.

  17. Sam

    Will there be a forum section for Masca Kings? Or should I send you the chapter by message?

  18. Oh dear! For the first time ever, an intro longer than mine. Join us!
  19. You know what really piss me off? Inviting a friend over for dinner and she tells you she can't come 4 hours before the dinner because she got ticket to her favorite band's concert.

    1. TailBreeze


      AHAHAHA I feel you, man. Invite me next time :P

    2. lat


      D: that would piss me off too!

  20. Sam

    Also, am I still doing the new year's eve release?

  21. Sam

    have you typesetted chapter 7 of masca? i wanna fix the tilting on that one.

  22. Sam

    No, according to Rae, but that one is easy to clean.

  23. Sam

    No, I gave it to AnnaAn.

  24. When I was taking my accounting final last night, the song "Queen of the Night" from The Magic Flute kept stucking in my head. I was almost humming the tune during the entire 2 hours of the exam.

    1. LittleWeird


      I hate when that happens XD

    2. lat
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