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  1. Happy Burfday Brendan!

  2. Hey, happy birthday!

  3. hehe no problem :) Feel free to ask me anything -I edit as well ^.^

  4. Thank youuu~ :3

  5. Hey :) Welcome to EF! Good luck with your editors test :)

  6. Brendan


    Urgh, Black Lagoon is on my ever-growing list of series to watch. And yeah, it's very interesting. You've just gotta love how weird and somewhat insane Koko (the arms dealer) is. I fell in love with Jormungand pretty fast.
  7. No problem ^^




    P.S. We usually just lurk in the CB, so if you ever want to talk to anyone, you'll have to speak up first

  8. Aaah, okay. Thanks for the tip! And I'll make sure to stop by the chat in a bit.

  9. Also, feel free to drop by our chat box when you have time: evilflowers.chatango.com

  10. Ooh, nice. Good luck~ I'm a cleaner-in-training, so I think cleaning's easier than TSing xD




    By the way, I suggest PMing Cheesecake the test regardless of who you originally sent your application to because she usually takes care of the cleaner/typesetter/editor applicants

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