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  1. happy birthday!

  2. hey! :D long time no speak XD how are you doing? :)

  3. Welcome~


    But the thanks should go to Sora and Cheesecake because they've helped me a lot!!

  4. Hey! :D Thanks for all your great work with Itsukasei! :D

  5. Hi Hi! Welcome to the team!

  6. Hey :D I see that you are a Translator now- congratulations :D

  7. Thank you~I've finished it, but I'm not sure Cheesecake received my message or not

  8. Hey :) welcome to EF! good luck with your Translating test :)

  9. Hi!


    I'm new,please take care of me from now! :)

  10. Haha thanks for the add :3

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