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  1. neko, you're on fire!!!


    sir tiger's table <3

  2. yes, I dont have any chapters atm. if you have anything i can help with, please do tell me:)



  3. hm, i think we're done until the PRing stage, though the PRed script is yet to be posted (when Tear comes back)..

  4. hey, lat~


    does EF work on project that have been scanlated by other groups?


    Nothing to bother, really, but I saw that one of our oneshot projects has been released by another group last december( wanderful days)

  5. catches the alien with a golden spool and joins it on a trip to the diamond planet where it came from throws an earthworm coated with chocolate (as my valentine's day treat~)
  6. yeay! (ahh, im that person whose name starts with a she- >.<)

  7. i successfully stalked... i mean, searched for you on facebook XD


    do you mind me adding you? ^.^

  8. hey, udara~


    are you from university of kelaniya? XD

  9. Hancock, from One Piece Anyone who watches it? (ohh, i assume it wont be easy to find a name with -cock as the start? XD)
  10. wow. it's just funny how no one posts for a while when number 8 has been posted XD ok... 9! now who shall get slapped? XD
  11. Yes! of course I do! and it ended with a love Tail not loves Tail Take higher level chemistry, and you'll hate it even more Next person have morning classes...
  12. No~ i dont have any math subjects now (just so great XD); im doing chemistry and genetics homeworks instead (worst) next person lives alone
  13. ok~ i'll go ahead with ch2 ^^


    do poke me when it's done XD

  14. Exams are over! Ok, not really. But once a week is more humane. :) I'm backkkkkk~ XD

    1. TailBreeze


      YAYYYYY! Welcome back, shechan! <3

  15. sand spurs XD


    ouch >.>

  16. elle, have you finished ch1 of steady study? i can't find the link.

  17. No~ hugs aren't free next person has straight hair
  18. hi, blue! (: welcome, welcome, welcome!
  19. yeay~ fellow asian! can you post a picture in the 'how do you look like' thread?
  20. tail>.<


    of course the sea urchins were no fun at all! scary O.O they were from our field trip to the beach, and there were like several hundreds of them. not very much exciting since we had to pass through them X.X not to mention there were also lots of unknown, creepy creatures there --> too much for a field trip~>.<

  21. hey, neko!




    I havent been active recently...:o


    the sea urchins? gahh~ that was during our beach field trip(happened to be my birthday, too)... there were lots of sea urchins! of course, nobody would want to get pricked by those, and so I held my breath while walking amidst hundreds of them x.x




    and a week after, we had another trip to a "leech-y" fores...

  22. I got over the sea urchins. Now I'm off to meet some leeches. x.x

    1. Nekomikoto


      Can you explain? xD I never really understood it when you first mentioned the sea urchins

    2. TailBreeze


      yeah, please explain ^_^

  23. that's because... we love Tail... right? no. I haven't been eaten because I'm old invincible
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