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  1. lolol well pretty soon imma be dead for bout 2 weeks D:

  2. neko, you're on fire!!!


    sir tiger's table <3

  3. yes, I dont have any chapters atm. if you have anything i can help with, please do tell me:)



  4. I heard you're looking for something to typeset?

  5. ahhh ok, hmmm tough one ... i think we'll probably just do it then maybe? :)

  6. hm, i think we're done until the PRing stage, though the PRed script is yet to be posted (when Tear comes back)..

  7. Hey :) ahh I see, have we done any work on that yet do you know? I'm not very close to the oneshots ^.^ If someone else has done it and we havent yet started it, we can probably drop it :) but if we have started work on it, we can release our version too :)

  8. hey, lat~


    does EF work on project that have been scanlated by other groups?


    Nothing to bother, really, but I saw that one of our oneshot projects has been released by another group last december( wanderful days)

  9. catches the alien with a golden spool and joins it on a trip to the diamond planet where it came from throws an earthworm coated with chocolate (as my valentine's day treat~)
  10. okay dear :) I'm at the hospital now. I'll add you once I get back home ^_^




    (I haven't installed FB to my phone. having it on phone is too much of a hassle)

  11. yeay! (ahh, im that person whose name starts with a she- >.<)

  12. ha ha you're the first to stalk me ;)


    of course dear, do add me. I'd love to have you in my FB too. but I don't log onto FB much these days. I prefer EF to FB ^_^

  13. i successfully stalked... i mean, searched for you on facebook XD


    do you mind me adding you? ^.^

  14. yes ^_^




    I'm doing medicine. so how did you get to know? I didn't wanna keep it a secret though...

  15. hey, udara~


    are you from university of kelaniya? XD

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