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  1. Tankitha


    I always think it is interesting what people's favorite colors are. And the other two are just random.
  2. Well, out of all of the ones I've read recently and based off of the animes I've seen compared to their mangas and which mangas they could do justice, I'd say.................. Actually, now that I've said that and thought about the mangas I've recently read, I'm not sure there are any. If they could do them justice, though, Keishichou Tokuhanka 007 and Akagama on Shirayuki would make fun animes.
  3. Hmmmmmm............Well, I saw Card Captor Sakura and YuGiOh! a few times on public television when I was little. They were interesting, but that didn't get me hooked (Okay, actually, I was a little addicted to Yugioh, but I felt so compulsive about it, I didn't like it and made myself stop watching it.). Then when I was about thirteen or fourteen, my brothers started watching Rurouni Kenshin. Then Naruto. Let's just say I became addicted.
  4. Tankitha


    They're actually equal. Interesting. I've always thought chocolate trumps vanilla, but my brother feels the exact opposite.
  5. It's like the new facebook...........almost

  6. In the instructions for the cleaner test, it refers to 'HQ' and 'MQ' raws. What does this mean? I know it's not completely relevant to the test, but I would like to know.
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