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  1. kyaha

    hi lat, I'm still alive, I'm just still doing my exams so I haven't visited the forums recently, sorry

  2. I was just going to lurk this but after reading joey mention the szechuan/sichuan dialect I couldn't help but chime in. I'm from the sichuan province actually well my parents are...
  3. Hey Tronny, I was asked to ask if you are doing Koizora.

  4. kyaha

    Hey ayne, for Berry Dynamite, I'm just wondering if you want the last page with the ISBN and various publishing info to be translated. Thanks :)

  5. lol sorry I guess I'll message you privately. Having the picture on public is... scary
  6. I guess I don't have anymore excuses then >.< Gosh this is embarrassing... I took the pictures with my webcam like 5 minutes ago... er yeah >.< removed! Please don't view for over 5 seconds And yes I'm 20...
  7. Haha sure I guess so. It's kind of embarrassing though... Though looking around, I can't seem to find the upload picture button...
  8. Although I don't know most of you, stalking you all was so much fun, nice pictures guys and girls
  9. I'm a bit confused with all the "divisions" in the staff forums though, so I'm not sure were to look around

  10. I think Cheesecake and SoRa have already given me something to do so I'm working on that for now. Don't worry I haven't disappeared :)

  11. kyaha


    Thanks for the warm welcome I feel like I'm getting hypnotised by all the onions And I'm sorry but I don't have any pictures of kangaroos I have a few wallabies though, if that helps
  12. kyaha


    I just thought I'd say hi I just got accepted as a Chinese translator here so I hope to see you guys around (My Japanese test I did for the sake of doing one is still waiting on SoRa but I don't know if it's passable ) I'm 20 years old and female who lives in Australia, and um... There's not much to say about me. I'm a pretty boring person but hopefully you won't get bored of me too quickly. Feel free to ask me anything about myself or anything else, I'll be happy to answer, as long as it isn't my address or bank account details or something
  13. I would like to apply as a Chinese translator if the position is still available. The 1st page doesn't say how often you're required to do 1 chapter but you'll looking at about 2-3 weeks per chapter from me so feel free to reject me if that is too slow for you. I can also read Japanese but I wouldn't consider it "fluent" so I'm not applying for that position but I just thought I'd let you guys know (if you want, it wouldn't hurt to send me a Japanese test anyway and watch me fail miserably)
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