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  1. lat

    and als i just realised that it was when there was hundreds of people XD I saw it at like 12:10 new years so technically i was online XD I just forgot as it was just gone midnight XD heehhehe

  2. Happy belated birthday and new years!! <3

  3. lat

    Hope you had a happy birthday!!! sorry i wasnt online New Years XD

  4. Happy Birthday! :3

  5. Happy birthday Kyaha!

  6. lat

    that's ok :) dont worry! ^^ hope your exams are going well- you can do it! :D

  7. kyaha

    hi lat, I'm still alive, I'm just still doing my exams so I haven't visited the forums recently, sorry

  8. lat

    hey Kyaha :D long time no speak XD how are you? :D

  9. I was just going to lurk this but after reading joey mention the szechuan/sichuan dialect I couldn't help but chime in. I'm from the sichuan province actually well my parents are...
  10. Hey Tronny, I was asked to ask if you are doing Koizora.

  11. ayne

    I don't think that's necessary. :)

  12. kyaha

    Hey ayne, for Berry Dynamite, I'm just wondering if you want the last page with the ISBN and various publishing info to be translated. Thanks :)

  13. lol sorry I guess I'll message you privately. Having the picture on public is... scary
  14. I guess I don't have anymore excuses then >.< Gosh this is embarrassing... I took the pictures with my webcam like 5 minutes ago... er yeah >.< removed! Please don't view for over 5 seconds And yes I'm 20...
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