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  1. Sakura19

    Amakusa 1637

    I love this manga. Thank you so much for working on it.
  2. Yes Fae, I am with JET. I'm sure you'll do fine. I've been told that being able to speak Japanese is a plus so it could help your chances getting accepted. While I live in a rural area so things could be different in the cities, all the kids are nice, good kids. My kids haven't done anything weird to me yet.
  3. I fond the N2 test a little hard, but I think I did ok. I'll find out for sure sometime in January. Good luck on the N1 when you decide to tae it. I am working as an English teacher at elementary schools (The kids are so cute!). Hope I pass EF's test!
  4. Hi everyone! Nice to meet you all! I wanted to introduce myself here as I hope to be a Japanese translator for EF. I haven't posted on forums too often, but I love reading them as they give great suggestions for manga and anime series to read (as well as other things). I have been working in Japan for a little over a year after I graduated from university where I studied Japanese). I hope to be a translator in the future and while I think my Japanese is good enough, I don't have a lot of experience in actual translation. I love reading Japanese and want to improve myself so that I
  5. Hi I'd like to apply to be a Japanese -> English translator. I am a native English speaker and I just sat for the N2 test last week. I have almost no experience translating (save for a few newspaper articles) but I have been reading manga and articles in Japanese with no problem for a over a year. I will do my best to translate as quickly, accurately, and as naturally as possible. I hope I can be of help to Evil Flowers.
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