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  1. Thank you so much Scayth... I'll be sure to put on the chapter next time.

  2. Scayth Scayth Scayth! I miss you!!!

  3. Hi Scayth :D What chapter were you up to with Dear School Gang Leader?

  4. Scayth

    DSGL - Proofreading

    Chapter 18 proofread:http://www.mediafire.com/view/?wj8x7jz287ww3mo
  5. lat

    hey Scayth :) Just to let you know I'm going to TS the next chapter of TQK this week :) I had the flu and was off work >.< I can't TS any more as Anne hasn't done the PR yet.. but when they are done Ill TS!so I am still editor for this awesome project, but I'm waiting for the PR ^^; eep. I'll ask Anne to get them done for me quicker :)

  6. Hey Scayth, are you free to recheck the PR script of Oh My Romantic Kumiho chapt 2a? There are some missing TLs and it's throughout, so it would be awesome if you just edit the PR script straight :) Then send it to me :D

  7. Oh, actually, I don't bother with Issue, normally. I can ask about it. I've thrown away most of my Wink issues -- I think I only have the last 12-15 of them (6-7 months worth?) I think there are only two one-shots ...maybe... Let me know which Japanese magazines and if you need a subscription or just occasional issues here and there. I got annoyed at the Chiro v6 RAW so I already called in my order for v6 and 7 of it. (For any Korean book, you don't need to pay me for them. ...Japanese ones I would not normally read, maybe, though -- they're a few dollars more per book and I am picky about the Japanese ones I read )
  8. I can order any Korean book that is still in print. (i.e. The Queen's Knight is now out-of-print, but Chiro Star Project is still in print). The store is only a couple of miles away, so I go pick them up in-person, once they arrive. I don't pay for shipping. There are no more Korean magazines that are still published on paper and you need to be a resident of Korea to get access to the digital ones (they are not the same as the "web comics"). (I am slightly irritated by that since I had subscribed to a couple of them and I no longer had access once they stopped being printed.) I can most likely get Japanese magazines that are recent -- but the Japanese bookstores here do not get them as fast as those people who scanlate the latest "big" series (i.e. Naruto, D.Gray-man, Fairy Tail, etc.). I'll check on Bokutachi next weekend -- I normally walk there on the weekend and they're about to close...and it doesn't seem urgent since the 8-12 are still being worked on
  9. Example scan I just did. For you, Cheesecake ;-p http://www.mediafire.com/?cy2ntjzuc9z9vl7
  10. Tessa, is that list still up-to-date? I dropped by Kinokuniya last weekend without looking at this list. I live right by one. I can buy: Orange Chocolate v7-9 (9 came out in June), Bokutachi wa shitte shimatta 8-14, Pika Ichi 5. But, I wouldn't want to buy ALL of them. Pick like 3 or 4 that you really want...
  11. lat

    Hiya :) I spoke to koreansinger and they told me they couldn't continue with TQK as they were too busy ^^ I hope we can find someone soon xD

  12. Hi, yes, I'm on Rakuen Route



  13. Are Piece, Rakuen Route, and Smile all in need of translators, still? I've translated for a couple of years for other scanlation groups (and scanlated a series, by myself, too). Feel free to send me both the Japanese and Korean tests. Thanks
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