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  1. Hi Guys ^^ I've lurked a little, and idk if it's appropriate but it didn't seem entirely unappropriate to ask for a translation suggestion. For practice's sake, I've been working on little CM translations. I'm having trouble with the catchphrase 「牛乳ã«ç›¸è«‡ã ï¼ã€ So far I think it should be something like, 'Talk about milk' or 'converse about milk', but the 'da' makes me think it maybe should be a noun phase, and so like, 'it's milk talk!' (maybe the 'da' is just polite a bit like desu is following an i adjective...?) SO, since the phrase follows 30seconds of a silly story about the results of drinking milk, I've gone with 'Milk Stories!', which feels awful ;____; I also tried looking up 「ã«ç›¸è«‡ã 〠as a grammar structure to see if it has a usual translation, but no such luck =/ TL;DR: I need a translation solution and I tried lots of methods
  2. Hi Hi. I applied a few months ago, and being too busy, didn't complete my test ^^'' I can either complete the pages I have, or you could resend? *shrug* I speak English and wish to translate Japanese texts.
  3. Ahh, neato. Hopefully it goes well. There's not too much competition from my own country, so I like to think it makes it easier. Yeah, generally they're great sweeties. Just 7 out of the 60+ kids in this place were a bit mad. + I think I forgot how to deal with kids so I didn't handle it perfectly =o='';;
  4. Oh, are you with JET? I was thinking of applying in a year or two, but I'm scared they'll say no. (and in my experience Japanese kids are.. either super cute and terrifying monsters. like plz 6 years don't pull my skirt. although having 6 of them stare into my eyes shouting "midori no me, midori no me!" over and over was pretty cute so) Good luck on the test! I hope you passed your N2 too (:
  5. Fae

    'Sup ya all

    Hi Miso, nice to meet you! There's only a few tbh! =o='' Translation theory only really became a thing in this century. I hope I pass it too!! It might be kinda ironic if I didn't ;__; (I will have to apologize to my senseis =P) I hope Nozaki will get a second season some day.. But I kinda doubt it. Anime don't get second seasons so easily these days :< mhmm, i really liked Sugawara!! I was crazy excited when me and my friends did the Myers Briggs test on tv tropes and he was in my list *U* Tsukki is like -I feel if he had his own episode or more screen time I'd start liking him more?? for now he kinda scares me (tall people are legit scary). He's pretty darn cute tho' pwshhh no worries; you're here before me so I think that makes YOU senpai?? I understand keigo's grammar but the culture is like ???
  6. Fae

    'Sup ya all

    Yeah, personally I always feel like their too big to feel much sense of community? And I find facebook a pain to navigate.... Yep!! You have to be a little picky.. older literary companies might not like it very much. Scanalations and Fansubs come up a lot in my course. Because ye all changed the rules so much, and it's interesting about the issues of invisibility of translators, copyright, ownership.. did you know in US law the translation belongs to the original author? We don't even get ownership of our own work. It's outrageous!! That's no problem, I have an assignment due on Wednesday anyway, so I don't really have time at this exact moment. I just got really excited!! I guess I could try to get that much done. I'll time myself on the test to get an idea ^^ And anime I like?? Ohh, well at the moment Gekkan Shoujou Nozaki-kun, Haikyuu (though I can't quite bring myself to enjoy the manga ;__; ). I'm a sucker for magic-y stories.. though lately I've been wanting to watch more about college students and working adults.. I think I'm growing out of highschool stories =o=;;; I started reading Pika-Ichi when I saw it here -something about it has me raptured??
  7. Hi! I'd like to apply for Japanese -> English translator? After finishing my year abroad I was N3 -which is pretty low, but I'm in my final year and aiming for N2. I'm not super fluent but I'm pretty determined to get the real meanings and nuance and translate them well. Experience wise.. I've had various translation classes for almost 3 years now. Newspaper articles, then short stories, now economic malarkey ;__; Either way, might as well give it my best shot! Won't get better unless I try!
  8. Fae

    'Sup ya all

    Hi, nice to meet you. It's been a while since I last used forums o__o;; I love forums a lot though -they're so small and community based? It's lovely. TBH, I don't read a whole lot of manga -I watch a ton of anime instead ;o:' I'm not good at picking out titles I want to read? (or I get lost on which chapters I was on >__<) About me; I'm a fourth year in uni studying Japanese translation. i'm currently avoiding doing this ugly economic one because eww i don't even kanji plz stop Gonna be honest I'm joining because when I graduate I'll need to have experience and hip new companies are cool with that exp coming from scanalations. also 'cause translation is pretty fun once you can read the wretched thing and you feel all successful about it. Can I ask how much time either per chapter or per week/month you guys spend on translating? Obviously it'd vary from person to person. I know an a4 page of economics takes me.. like 2 days+ (whoops this got long. I'm always long-winded though so that's not surprising).
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